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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I'm not a nice person

Why is this a big deal to me?

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Again, I ask- Why is this a big deal to me?

Nice people believe that if we shut our eyes tight enough, bad things don't really happen all around us. As long as we keep smiles on our faces and follow the rules, bad things stay on television screens and most of it is just overrated hype or entertainment. I'm not a nice person. If I were, I wouldn't be doing my own writing.

I was so cynical in college that my paper on Plato was about people voluntarily choosing to stay in the cave looking at the shadows on the wall so they wouldn't have to see reality. We choose to remain blind, and we put our restraints back on our brains whenever anyone tries to take them off. Enlightenment is just a shadow we talk about- we can't even fathom what the true form of that concept must be like.

This news story today is deeply meaningful to me because I've known people who died before they could even have a chance to tell their stories, and I'm writing what my part was. Some of the monsters under our beds are the nice people who tell us to shut up and go back to sleep, or don't say that out loud, or don't write it for the whole world to read. Nice people don't like the truth being real. It's easier to just keep watching television and tweeting our opinions than it is to stand up to someone we know personally who is ruining other people in secret, and we especially daren't embarrass anyone we know who didn't save someone they could have from the spiritual, emotional, and physical carnage.

Allegory of the Cave- "When the prisoners are released, they can turn their heads and see the real objects."

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