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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

you're under arrest for blogging before coffee

One of those rare slept all night things, got up just before @bonenado left for work and made him listen to yesterday's video and laughed so hard I set off a bit of coughing. Gonna be a good day.

Today is a mailing a box kind of day. Batman turns two in a few days, and I'm not going to see him this time because we rearranged everything around just in cases that thankfully never happened.

So instead we've got a box full of awesome little boy stuff (special thanx to Bunny Mama!) like glow sticks to play with in the tub. There's more, you can't see the wrapped stuff.

Been pouring myself so hard into stuff I can't share yet that blogging kinda feels a little bland now. Stuff I've never even told my own family, stuff my psychologist could never pull out of me over a span of years. All the secrets. It has occurred to me that I could get arrested for something in particular and spent about five frozen minutes staring bug eyed at a wall wondering if that could really happen, then threw all caution out the window and wrote it anyway. What the hell. Now I'm giggling over a pun about my thoughts arresting over being arrested. I really shouldn't be allowed to blog before coffee.

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