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Friday, May 1, 2015

I'm not over it, but I'll stop torturing you guys

Happy May Day! I'm celebrating with zyrtec and benadryl. You know how everyone says every spring is the worst allergy season ever? It musta been true this year because @bonenado got the nasty deep chest congestion just from mowing on top of the tree pollen coating everything. He never goes to the doctor, and he's on antibiotic, so yeah, it's bad. Good thing spring is so pretty or we'd hate it.

Meanwhile, the front deck got Bunny-proofed, yay!

Spiderman's fauxhawk.

Creepy kid pic. That's Mrs. Potato Head's mouth.

So April turned into Sherlock month and took off like a bolting horse. Thank goodness I'm not obsessing about Matt Smith and Martin Freeman in pink sox (lol) or Benedict Cumberbatch not in pink sox (or anything else, but I still maintain that I'm strictly a Sherlock fan, not necessarily a Benedict fan), but I probably would be if I weren't buried in rewrite, current word count is over 60,000 now. Dare I hope all's done by end of May...


Time to shake my brain out and get back on Pinky track.

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