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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Le menage joyeuse avec tous nos esprits

I had vowed some time back to stop mentioning stats because it's too easy to misunderstand it as narcissism in lieu of it being more of an aspie train obsession, which some of you might remember branches out to an avid interest in polychorons and other related hyperdimensional structures (including but not limited to translation to real time charts and graphs), but in a wildly unexpected turn of events, the views on this particular blog have surprisingly jumped 25% over its total history just in the last month.

I could attempt to interpret this and blame it on maybe hitting a lucky combination of Sherlock vids and #MondayBlogs retweets on twitter, but my hottest days seem to happen out of the blue in spite of a serious lack of real time retweets, and I'm pretty sure most of my followers have never seen BBC's version of modern Sherlock and could care less about it since the States have had so little exposure. (omg, I've discovered Sherlock-Khan crossover memes, and the night is good, yea verily.) (You guys need to question the synchronicity of someone playing Sherlock, Khan, and Shere Khan.)

I know I hardly compete or even compare yet with established popular bloggers and authors, but anyone following me around knows I love blogging, and I've gone out of my way to avoid monetizing on purpose, digging into my own pockets and spending horrific swaths of time on saving much of my internet content from vanishing as hosts and their tech upgrades continue to obliterate stone age and even last year retro into code smashes that frustrate all of us attempting to keep our grip on the right to share our journeys without interruptions that euphemistically equivocate to modern day book burnings. (God, I love constructing sentences like that one. #aspienado)

Of course, I could also blow it off as web crawlers and pingbacks, but my ultra conservative statcounter tracker seems to think it has more to do with you guys upgrading your smart phones. I get an actual count on devices, operating systems, and screen resolutions, but the important thing is that nearly half of you are coming in on mobile devices.

I'm not really making a point so much as saying thank you  and I sincerely hope I don't disappoint when the manuscripts go out. Above all, I'm a huge fan of fans and all the creative minds out there who have gotten me through many a sleepless night distracting me from things that go bump. There are better vids with this song, but this is the only full length, so I use it a lot while I'm working. I hope you guys are getting more sleep than I am.

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