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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

no, I won't sleep tonight

Oh, good grief, does this never stop. Java just popped up an 'external somethings are inconsistent' at me. Ya think? I've only been sidestepping that update for two frickin years since my EI crashed.

Took the day off yesterday, no chores around the house, no code fixing, no proofreading, no WORK, just one post and #MondayBlogs links. Squelched every single new thought I had for hours, didn't even watch TV or read anything. After 12 days of not being able to stop, it was a relief to start blanking out and tip over several times into little naps. Still did my workout, and still leapt out of bed at 2 a.m., but slept hard before I did so I can't complain.

But today it's BACK TO WORK! >=l haha Today's ridiculously relevant work theme brought to you by, who else, Sherlock. I'm just making April Sherlock month. You guys missed my whole Merlin thing in my private blogs, so you have no idea just how long my youtube obsessions can go on. OH, I did do something yesterday, moved a couple hundred more vids onto flash storage. I didn't realize I had over 500 vids downloaded onto my hard drive until this last weekend. This is the biggest vid move I've done since Merlin. Stay calm, I don't have 500 Sherlock vids (47 so far), it's just everything I've collected over the last couple of years. I only do this as vid rescues in case my fave fanvids disappear *poof* because I love you guys. If you think I'm bad, imagine the obsessive people out there collecting political, religious, and UFO vids. There are kajillions of vids on youtube. I'm trying to collect fractals, too. Ok, I've gotta stop this and go do stuff, looks like I'm back to my old wildly free associating self. You guys have a good day. FOCUS! GET BACK TO WORK! >=l

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