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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Google will eventually own our coffee, too

In the event I ever appear stuck-up, I have saved this convo for posterity. Campy is unaware I've been following her around social media for years and will probably remain unaware of the mention here, the irony of which amuses me. I am a lurker deluxe. If you don't care, don't click it. Unless you're a Lexx fan. This is one of the most unusual Lexx actor updates I've ever seen or even been part of.

In this week's Fun With Phones, my Droid threw a fit and ate Google Play Services like the Smoke Monster in Lost, so no more youtube on my phone. I get to revert back to sliding little cards in and out of my phone and laptop to get home vids loaded up, whee. Since I'm seeing other users freaking out in comments as reinstalls keep epic failing (as is mine), I assume this is another push for us lazy penny pinchers to UPGRADE OUR PHONES! >=l All they hafta do is strangle our old phones out, and I'm nearly there. My plan was up six months ago, and I've slowly been losing app capabilities (capp-abilities?) and suffering the indignation of outright noncompliance from a phone that used to let me rule the world. I'm this close to holding it over a toilet and threatening it with cruel dismemberment if it doesn't straighten up.

Me vs my phone irl.

OH, here we go, THIS.

:edit: During #LateNightMovie in chat I got bored and dinked around and accidentally reset to factory default, my youtube is back, yay!!!! I need celebratory muzak, hang on. (I've never ever used factory default, this is kind of amusing.)

:edit again: Had. A. Blast. in #LateNightMovie, bad carrot jokes all over the place, it was awesome. You had to be there, and it helped to be a Lexx fan. Click for convo thread, no answer yet but it was worth a shot.
Aaaaaand then back to a brain cleanser. I'm sorry, I'm just really needing it tonight, going a little OCD over the whole phone thing.

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