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Sunday, April 12, 2015

keyboard kitty

And like a fluffy little feather softly falling from a beam inside a deserted barn, I gently float back down into a blank mind and lethargy. Except my hands are in shock. Did you know that carpal tunnel splints can make it worse? Had one of those duh moments when I ran into a site explaining how immobilizing muscles causes greater stiffness and swelling, and it wasn't even dealing with fibro complications. You know what feels good? The warmth of my laptop on my wrists as I type.

Ok, #facepalm. Was looking for a pic of a cat typing and ran smack dab into a half mummified cat being used by med students, wtf. +_+

Aaaaand this just saved my day.

So I was trying to figure out how in the world 13,000 words could kill me, because I write all the time, years of handwritten notes in spirals, multiple blog posts, resuscitating code wrecks, and it hit me- if I'm up nearly around the clock for ten days recoding, proofreading, and still doing daily life stuff on top of shooting the ultimate writing curl, I'm probably lucky I don't have bloody stumps.

That cat is irritating, isn't it? >=) heehee

In case Larry reads this and thinks I sat here the whole time, *dude*, the hypomania had me doing hour long workouts, cleaning out drawers, and generally springing around the house wondering if I should wash windows in between typing spells, except my wrists said hell no to that.

I'm ignoring @bonenado reading headlines to me out of the Sunday paper and yapping the latest gossip at me about what's happening down the street. As long as we don't hear a gun go off, I'm good, leave me alone with my warm laptop on my wrists. Maybe I can find some beautiful distraction and a snack while Scott thinks I'm listening to him about his fantasy baseball team.

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