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Monday, April 6, 2015


About a week into the euphoria now. Have dropped 7 pounds, so I'm making myself eat. Actually slept last night for the first time in days so this morning is even more awesome. I wish I could stay like this forever, but it's time to prepare a controlled slide back down. Last time I was this high on my own brain chemicals was 6 months ago for 12 days. I know better now than to let this go another full week. Besides, I'm sure you're all getting a little fried out on Sherlock, so please excuse me while I stop splatting my brains everywhere and go do some laundry and catch up the Easter dishes. Hope you guys are having great Mondays. Did I mention mine is awesome? It's awesome. I love all of you. All. Of. You. I couldn't be higher if I were huffing a street drug cocktail through a homemade bong. Except I can still type.