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Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Dark Side of a really bad egg

Bunny day was a blast yesterday.

The Dark Side of the Egg, perhaps.

We're still running into 'Bunny was here' evidence.


I don't even wanna know how a creepy swimming pool got involved. Easter Bunny hot tub party, maybe. Might hafta set some traps. #lifeinthewoods

You look fabulous, dahlink.

She felt big like mommy, had to go to 'work' when she walked in after church today.

I've been living a double life this week. True to my April nature, I went through a series of very sudden blood pressure 'break outs' and had to touch base a couple times to make sure that's all it was, given my ridiculously complex history. I'm one of those people who can smell CT scans to the point of nausea, and this last time I caught a flash like a ghost light, which was cool. Hypersensitive is a word nurses and techs have used around me for years. Once a doctor called me a canary in a coalmine, noticing chemical or other change in my environment long before other people do. It no longer surprises me that spring storm season really screws with me. I can't even imagine adapting to changing water pressure in a wet suit. Anyway, it's been a week where I've been able to luxuriate in long swaths of deep thinking in between intense writing surges. Yeah, I know, what's up with these shoes?

Despite the the truth of my sadness finally Lexxploding through my aspie head all week, millions of dots are suddenly connecting and flooding my brain with the most fabulous light show ever. I cannot stop writing. I can't help wondering if the weird BP break outs on top of a lingering manic euphoria episode are having anything to do with this. In the end, the only logical conclusion the last doctor could reach was perhaps this boils down to a pain management problem, and I've been commanded to treat for pain every single day whether I feel good or not. Since a euphoric episode slops the kind of brain chemicals around that tend to camouflage pain, I had stopped taking my pain med at all even though I was obviously dealing with a headache going defcon from a severe fibro flare up my neck and left shoulder (all that writing, I'm sure). I have a long history of low dose med addictions (which I was called out on by the very same friend I've been angsting over all week), pill phobias from crazy med reactions, and noncompliance, so this command wasn't made lightly. Imagine my amusement finding this gem. One of the reasons I stopped smoking years ago was because I was hardcore doing 3 packs a day, and it took a year and a desperate deal with God to quit. During that episode I went tone deaf in one ear, which I still find devastating after years of vocal training and never going off key. And that is all I'll say here about my string of serious addictions.

You have to watch this show to get the joke.

Extremely strong caution on this next vid, the very end is either a fan expressing anger or a joke (or an angry joke) after the season cliffhanger, and in case you have never seen it, ~huge~ ~spoilers~, it was a blank. He was showing Sherlock how easy and fun it is to fake one's death. Since I myself found it extremely disturbing the first time I watched it (and I hadn't seen the show), please don't watch this video if you have severe depression or self harm triggers. Some of my newer friends are still probably not aware I did this in a virtual way myself three years ago, suddenly ripping my web presence out from the fabric of ethereal spacetime and disappearing, deleting huge chunks of Lexx internet history as I went. I'm sure a few fans still hate me for being that despicable and then having the audacity to show back up. I find this video amusing in so many ways because of my internet history with fandoms. My new friends who know the real me now would probably be surprised by how quickly I pull the dark side out into the open everywhere I go. Or perhaps not. I need to give you guys more credit. It's taken me a long time to realize I glow like neon when I think I'm being cleverly covert.

Am I done dredging now? Getting close, at least on this part, which has been a wildly exhilarating release after 8 years. 

:edit: 8-13-15

I cannot believe no one has ever called me out on lying to you guys. Every once in awhile I'll write something completely erroneous or false and easily fact checked, and I kept waiting for someone to pop up and say Wait... If you haven't seen Sherlock yet, fine, I'll just leave that like it is. 'easy and fun'... In case you think I'm an idiot, no, I'm layering the same way they did on the roof. What is reality? What really happened? You've no idea the amount of time I've spent digging around the webs over it. Unless you guys thought I had the inside goods on Moriarty or something, I mean, this post was in the top five for months. Watch how words are constructed. The first time I watched it I hadn't seen the show and I found it disturbing. Then I compared it to me destroying myself. I don't want anyone to think I tried to commit suicide. Kinda wondering if that's what readers thought because I worded this so poorly. I'm also wondering if that's why this post held such a top spot for so long. I apologize if anyone misconstrued my meaning from my obnoxiously bad taste.

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