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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

in which I tweet with a serial killer

Ok, I'm not actually lying because I believe it's entirely possible in the light cone of all possible events in the plethora of plurality, i.e. alt spacetimeline. Click this snip to see the selfie.

David is a definite fave in my family, don't know if he knows yet that he converses fairly regularly with my kiddo in Houston. You can click this to go follow him on twitter.

Another thing happened yesterday- new threads! I don't have the time to start new threads on everything out there that I love watching (but I'd do it if we had more people registered and contributing to them), but there are three new shows coming that I'm keeping my eye on. Clicking this takes you there if you want to see more spaceships and time travel in your future.

THIS felt good. Huge Bradley love on the twitters last night after so much absence.

More tiny stuff keeps showing up at my house. I'm really jealous I don't have a matching deck chair.

Made it through an incredibly nasty weird optic nerve or something migraine yesterday, got the funky ripply water peripheral effects and everything, so I did my best to take the day off, which is hard to do because I'm on a roll, and now I'm going to do it again.

This one is for David. You guys need to go jump on his twitter like a trampoline.

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