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Saturday, April 25, 2015

when blogging gets real- go hard or go home

A couple of you subbed to my work blog may have accidentally gotten a sneak preview yesterday of a section I was working on before I realized it was no longer a private draft.  Just keeping you on your toes.

I got it pulled back so fast, though, that you might've felt the earth roll back a few seconds and suddenly got deja vu.

You didn't see me like this while I moved space and time.

So heads up, those of you who work on WordPress- draft mode will go live and send out to all your connected network and subs if you're not paying attention to how you update/publish. A nice pop up asking if I really wanted my draft to be published now would have been sweet.

By the way, blogger enthusiasts, got a heads up from my wireless tech support that Google has decided to shut down their Google Apps platform and will do a data purge this summer, plus this quote- "We will also be providing instructions for how to export other data that you may have stored in your Google account (such as calendars, Picasa image albums, documents and YouTube videos)."

Scream sports.

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