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Friday, April 17, 2015

it just hit me you can't spell paparazzi on a scrabble board

Have once again been officially sanctioned to not take pain meds. That's right, pulled off. Because stuff. Ok, ok, remember a couple weeks ago? Nix that, bad idea. My dr said NO, that med is too strong to take every day, it eats people, probably explains the beautiful bruise showing up on my arm (I've never been an easy bruiser) and the 'visual disturbance' I had in my eye the other day. I keep telling you guys, patch meds are the next big thing. Sooner or later my dreams of going back to opiate addiction will come true.

I love the irl series <--(THAT will get you through anything), the golden heart of #TeamSpooge.

This latest follow-up otherwise went stupendously well, happiness all around, I can get back to killing people and whatever else I want now, yay! Metaphorically. Sheesh. No, still not cleared yet, just doing really well otherwise. Yes, this is a genuine taxidermied human. Click the pic for the article.

This was a fun convo, if you're bored and need time-filling distraction, except there might be Flash spoilers, so never mind, don't click it. But srsly, *big* Wells fan. Yeah, me, not Steve. Ok, just click it.

I guess most people don't walk that line most of their lives. Sometimes these videos hit a little close to home. Me and 'Jim' irl.


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