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Thursday, April 16, 2015

#TBT & the cleansing of the soul, or at least the freshening

Wed. 10pm
My fave ever tweet because Sean Carroll retweeted it. Click it.

I'm laboriously dredging through research looking for a couple of dates about when something happened. I was sleeping, and I'd still rather be asleep, except I keep surging awake every 5-10 minutes mid-dream and everything because allergies, so whatever.

Trewth. This was also the very day I set up my book contract, clicks to original date. Really hope I'm done before *this* August... #facepalm

Gonna try the sleep thing again. 11:15pm

Thurs 1am
Ok, what else can I get into...

 photo 100x100-03.jpg lol, my first twitter avi, everyone thought I was a guy.

Before my current Sherlock obsession, there was Merlin. Before Merlin, there was Willy Wonka...

 photo sugardaddy-13-1.jpg  photo sugardaddy-12-1.jpg
 photo sugardaddy-14.jpg  photo sugardaddy-1.jpg

And before that was Tim Curry.
 photo v7.jpg

Couple of you out there are going Hey, what about Jack Sparrow? You're right, apologies. Hang on.

 photo beastie1.jpg  photo bluepir3-1.jpg
 photo undeadmonkey.jpg  photo jackattack.jpg

Toss a little Fear and Loathing in there...

 photo batcountrycandy.jpg  photo newyearface.jpg

Yeah, the good old days. Y'all thought I was all Lexx. I have so much stuff.

 photo finchdrwho.jpg

This is my favorite. I took the pic in Galveston.

 photo back4.jpg

My fave 'dolly' that a friend made a long, long time ago.

 photo 34bananaman.gif My photobucket is ten years old and has nearly 10,000 files in it. It would've had over 6000 more, but I'm an idiot.

I really should try laying down again.

 photo sticktongue.gif


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