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Saturday, April 11, 2015

catching up to myself in the here and now

Fun with fibro- when one of your sternocleidomastoid muscles charlie horses for a week from doing so much extra computer work during a ten-day hypomania writing surge and makes it feel like someone is squeezing your external carotid artery.

One of many reasons I don't blog a lot about being a spoonie is because so many people seem to relish describing their sufferings in lengthy minute detail that I see no need to add to that plethora of information. I simply just find this particular nuisance kind of funny and wondered what the muscle name was because I all but flunked anatomy and 'fizz' in nursing school years ago. Don't worry, I was acing everything else, but the migraines got pretty nasty that year and I wound up dropping one semester away from my certification.

SO. Turns out we're not sending ANY of the Sherlock back. Scott ordered the special limited edition blu ray gift set that comes with bonus disc, art cards, collectible Sherlock and John mini-busts, PLUS all the extras from the previous editions. I'll still keep the separate season DVDs I ordered because I got them so cheap.

And that wily @bonenado also snuck a newly released Doctor Who collectible lunchbox into the order, so yesterday was like Christmas, just right out of the blue.

You noticed, huh? That's right, I'm not sleeping. I was up before 2 a.m. again.

I can't help thinking thank God I tried again. I can't even imagine where I'd be right now if I hadn't. I can't help being grateful for how hard someone tries with me, and no one has ever tried harder than this time to keep hold of me. I'm learning, but aspie's so exasperatingly aspie.

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