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Friday, April 10, 2015

reverse lobotomy

If y'all aren't using Kaspersky to protect your operating systems and devices, you should be, (I'm not being paid to say this)

because the Win32/KipodToolsCby malware is really super determined to get into your system. It showed up in January and a warning about it was updated at the end of March. You could go through this trouble, or you can trust Kaspersky to catch it and let you remove it with one click and do a restart until MS gets another update fix up. MS killed it for awhile (keep your computer updates timely!), but apparently it's back, so whoever made this one is one slick little piece of snot.

In the meantime, James Kahn invited me to like his new movie page on facebook. I don't know if he's a Lexx fan, but he found me a long time ago on twitter, so of course I jump when he DMs, lol.

I'm trying to get sleepy again. I don't think 5 hours of sleep is going to cut it today. Tenth day since the power surge started and my brain finally doth protest at the thought of more work at 2 in the morning after slamming through 10,000+ words over and over.

A person in the state of hypomania might be immune to fear and doubt and have negligible social and sexual inhibition. People experiencing hypomania usually have a very strong sex drive. Hypomanic people are often the "life of the party". They may talk to strangers easily, offer solutions to problems, and find pleasure in small activities. Such advantages may render them unwilling to submit to treatment, especially when symptoms do not impair functioning. 

Yeah, you can see why I enjoy it so much.
Diagnosing Mixed State Bipolar Aspergers

So starting to feel sleepy again in this state kinda feels like I had a reverse lobotomy, everything's still all there, just the energy level is draining out now, so I need to find a video and go lay back down before @bonenado gets up and makes coffee.

:edit: I did a vid rescue for 'Paralyzer Sherlock MV' and it's the first rescue I've ever done that has been blocked worldwide, which means that just having it on my youtube even in private sets my account on a precipice. I'd like to remain in 'good standing', so I deleted it. Sorry about that. As long as I remain in good standing, I think I can keep what rescued vids I've got in unlisted and wait out the claims.

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