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Friday, April 3, 2015


Isn't this the coolest soap you've ever seen?

And each type of 'rock' has its own scent. Of course I had to pick up the 'rose' quartz.

Lotta people I know hitting walls.

I hab allergies
I've also been roundly nyahed this week. I brought my girls up scratching my back after hard days at work, usually for some kind of trade off like quarters or treats. They're gone now, so yeah, this is making me jealous. I see some early training going on.

Got some med readjusting going on top of a local bug and a major headache that seemed to roll in with a slew of tornado and hail alerts. That isn't slowing down the writing surge, still on my keyboard surfing the biggest wave I've had in a long time. I feel like I have reached into my own chest and pulled out my heart to look at. It's wonderful and scary and completely crazy. I can't share where my head really is right now.

Are any of you surprised by this obsession after the scathing Khan review I did? I'm surprised. Even @bonenado says ok, we need to purchase this Sherlock series. He's been dragging me through every conceivable Sherlock Holmes film ever made for years, and I cannot tell you how I loathe the overuse of Sherlock stories even in STNG, it's just been done to death, BUT- I'm all Johnlock. They got me. This is about the only way I can handle watching Benedict, by the way. I'm a staunch Benedict anti-fan ~*except*~ for when it comes to Sherlock (I've always adored Martin Freeman). I admit defeat, Gatiss and Moffat have won me to their version of Sherlock after all these years of absolutely hating anything and everything Sherlock Holmes. This has been going on awhile, did my best to quash this obsession from ever showing up in public, but now you know how Easter is going down in my house this year. And can I just say- omg, I love fans.

Y'all have good weekends. We'll be having a big Bunny day tomorrow.