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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lexxplosion and the Krikkit war computer- yes, I meant it

I would love to create an autorespond that says "I'll like ur FB if u like mine 1st, tag me when u've achieved this", but I'm busy.

 photo hyper.gif At least I'm sleeping. That's the main thing (I say on a day that I've been up since 1:30 a.m.). I'm counting falling asleep on the couch at 6 last night and wobbling back up at 8 to brush my teeth and collapse back into a real bed.

And then I leapt forth at 1:30.

Meanwhile, I'm ticked that a monetized wordpress site I surfed earlier for information I really didn't need was infected with a java bug that keeps triggering a series of update-and-check-for-solutions popups because my Internet Explorer crashed 2 years ago and I've been doing workarounds ever since with the little programs that use IE as a driver. Even the Geek Squad couldn't believe last year how heavily I am still able to work on this laptop with crippled and crashed browsers and me continually telling updates to shut up. They suggested wiping the hard drive and starting over (really? I thought you guys were the ultimate geeks), but the last time we went through that on a desktop we lost so much stuff because the backup was dismally antiquated and shoddily thrown together in one bin and there is just no way to open about 80% of it. So no, I'm slugging through like this until I can get my first project done. Anyway, thank you so much, idiot blogger who doesn't have a clue how to prevent internet venereal disease. There's a reason blog hosts dumped java and went to iframes.

It hit me yesterday that I'm going after Sherlock as hard as I did Merlin, time to pick up a new flash drive and move a million vids off my hard drive. Also, I got 20 bucks out of the coin bowl & added a refund check for an overpayment on some Christmas I very suddenly paid off last month without paying proper attention, turned that over into a Sherlock 3 pack from Amazon. @bonenado is a little cranky that I did this without telling him because he had planned to surprise me, but turns out he ordered from the BBCA brochure and paid over twice what I did plus shipping (I got free shipping), so he gets to send his back. That's a happy facepalm because he gets money back.

My blood pressure was 114/78 this morning, yay! And that in spite of being in my 9th day of super hyper excitement. At first I thought, ok, stay calm, don't throw down and start making plans in case you crash, you know how this goes, BUT I went ahead and hashed out a new schedule last night that I think I'll be able at least sorta stick to in that event, so I'm ludicrously shooting for end of spring again. I know, every time I try to set a wrap-up date I get ambushed, and it's still wide open whether I'll be scheduled for surgery at the end of the month. However, the dam broke last week, the hardest part is getting done, and I'm actually still so excited about the rest that it'll take a lot to stall me out again. I know, I'm tempting the fates even just writing that down. By the way, watching my traffic in general triple this week has also been very motivational, so thank you lurkers, and especially if you are a Lexx fan from the old days. It's been a long time coming.

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