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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Backstrom: I'm you. I'm an oak tree in the lacivious throes of orgasm...

I guess I must have pulled the cork out of a bottle of a most excellent year of Can of Worms chablis, because the dam broke and several thousand words that I've been alternately wrestling with and putting off again gushed effortlessly forth. I've also suddenly lost 5 pounds this week and wept like my dog died. If you've not seen this episode of Spongebob, you are truly missing a classic.

I must be the world's stupidest slow processor. This amounts to what my brain chip has been like to live with for 7 years regarding emotional stasis.

During all this mess, I am finally free of the zyrtec that built up in my body over several months and very surprised to find I'm hardly reacting at all to what experts are calling the worst seasonal allergy season EVER in the history of pollen counting. I'm sure I'm saying this prematurely since oaks will start any time here, but that's why I spent the last month weaning off in the first place, so it could be more effective using it for protection against all that oak sex when I go back on it. Allergies are nature's way of preventing the impregnation of trees in our heads, and it's not helping that our weather pattern this year is like tree viagra. #lifeinthewoods

I guess the vid in that last post was pretty cryptic, and probably five people on the planet actually have a clue what it really means. I have never told that truth on any blog and only bits and pieces of it show up in weird places. I guess the scary part for anyone who's not me is how the truth comes out. The hardest part for me is not blowing up any more bridges this time.

Blogging is good practice. I really do appreciate everyone who drove my stats up here faster in a shorter time than any blog I've ever had in ten years except for my Lexx stuff. Excuse me if I don't show up on twitter much for a few days while I keep final editing the pouring out my heart part. It's difficult finding a fine balance in the kind of triangle that explodes a fandom around an aspienado like me.
They actually called me dangerous. Actually. For realz. Maybe that was a dangerous thing to do.
4-3-15 Backstrom is a crime scene profiler.