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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

once you free your mind

I Need A Plan. This is the time of year I get weird until I get past the Fourth of July. Everything in my head gets mixed up, time skips around, I wind up in weird places for unknown reasons, and no one knows what to do with me. I need FOCUS!!!! >=l

I probably need some breakfast. Just realized I haven't eaten anything yet and I've already written hundreds more words, started laundry, called the Geek Squad, and got a grocery list going.

It's really throwing me that my protection plan expires on the 15th and will no longer be renewable. Even though this is probably the real case- Wait, Best Buy Replacement Plans Don’t Fix Or Replace Discontinued Gadgets?I blame myself. I know NOW that the root of the problem is third party plan purchasing, third party tech rep assistance, and me being unable to to handle phones well. I don't yell or anything, I'm just obnoxiously persistent. I also know from providing customer support on phones myself that after a certain amount of obnoxiousness, a customer can be blacklisted. The current 'reason' I'm being auto-bumped is because my laptop is 'too old' now to be serviced under a protection plan. I have a pretty rockin' laptop, so I'm pretty sure the real reason is I finally just pissed the wrong person off and a strongly worded notation was made on my account, because the rep assisting me today seemed awfully hesitant to say anything to me beyond yes and no.

So basically, I have ten days left, should I care to take advantage of them, to take my laptop in and have everything in it serviced and updated. Which would wipe out all my cool settings and possibly even block me from being able to open crucial weird work folders because updates make it stupid trying to open outdated files. I think my plan is to just keep working, get my stuff cranked out, and then buy a new laptop before I start the rest of my projects.

This is my brain right now. I'm spacin after a bowl of cereal and now everything in the world is right again.

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