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Sunday, May 3, 2015


I have nothing to blame this on except to confess I'm a horrible person sometimes. Snips click to source.

I try not to take things personally nowadays, but that one really irks me. It's not like I hold grudges or anything, right? But I guess tonight was one of those missed-a-med-dose-while-jetlagged combos that set off a few triggers and next thing you know, I come out shooting, just like the old days. You can get to my articles from the tweet sources after you've clicked the snips.

Read this next batch from the bottom up, new feed piles in on top when you're on twitter. And thanks to trackers, I'm able to see real time response to mobile alerts on twitter.

Why am I saying this? What is the point? In the old days, I was a nobody blundering around and found myself catapulted to a sort of morbid fame that still to this day has a number of people around the globe checking on everything I do. Nowadays I have way more friends, way more klout, and I'm doing things on purpose. People blowing me off have no idea what I'm about to do.

I don't monetize. I don't get paid to do anything I'm doing on the internet. In fact, I've invested quite a few of my own dimes into this whole writing thingy. I've never paid other people for material to put onto my own sites, because I don't believe in being too busy to fill in my own content. If someone is rising like cream to the top of podcasting and blogging on other people's content, then that person is a middle man who knows how to buy and resell.

I'm not a middle man. All my content is created by me for my own amusement. I decided nearly three years ago when I came back out that I'm not going to get lumped into someone else's domain hoping to use them for a ride, and they're not going to use my content to pay for their web hosting.

I have nothing against content writers. I have nothing against shared domain presence. What I do have a problem with is someone publicly dissing me and still using me as a traffic router. So yeah, I thought it was hella funny to run into a wide open tweet offering money to anybody for content. Kinda reeks of desperation. Not saying that's what it was, just saying. I'll even daresay someone's been drinking up the income on the road trips and needs to pay some bills now, so it's time to pump up some traffic.

You guys will never see me beg my readers for money or my traffic for content. As long as I am able to get on the internet, I will enjoy other people and I hope they enjoy me. And whoever those 60 people were- that touched me, more than you might imagine.

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