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Monday, May 18, 2015

nachos and world domination

Gregory won't stop calling. Evidently he doesn't read my blog.

This whole week is flipping upside down, more in slow motion but kind of like the way one of Loki's leviathans does after Hulk smashes into it.

We might be seeing a lot of Bunny this week. You can tell she's the boss.

Batman is taking over at his house, too.

At any rate, this seems like an excellent time to switch gears and tackle one of the toughest code smashes I've ever had to rewrite, and it's taking for~ev~er. I am literally pasting line by line it's so bad. I'll hafta wait to get back to world domination till after Memorial Day weekend, I guess. It's all good, I've got stuff out to make nachos later.

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