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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

party line

Biggest challenge I'm having with my smart phone- it stops playing my youtube playlist if I toggle to another screen to look up something on the internet or send out a tweet. #firstworldproblems

Highlight of my week was running into the baddest assest Sherlock blog ever and barely being able to put my phone down long enough for a chiropractor to fold me into origami.

Yes, I do read other people's stuff. I plugged into that blog and sucked it up into my eyeballs so fast they almost popped. (Eyeball aspolosions are tiny and go *pop*, but they're still messy.) (So be careful- speed reading is one of those extreme sports.) (It's even more dangerous when I read so fast that I pick up a virus before my brain can block it.) (We're talking nanoseconds.) (Two cups of coffee before 5 a.m.)

Ok, where were we? Just deleted a ridiculous skew into a complexity of nonsense when I realized I was brain draining. Kinda like a snow boarder spending a day on the kid slope instead of slamming around cliffs and trees. Need to peel my bwains back off the screen and get busy on the real workout before warm up becomes the WORK.

The following happened before I inserted that vid.

(Detour into youtube land over someone's Embedding disabled by request nonsense.) (Why do the brilliant ones do this? Are they not aware anyone can still download the entire vid?) (And then of course, no one ever sees it because it's unshareable, and then vids like these suddenly go private and leave the few fans who've seen it weeping, and THAT's why I started vid salvage years ago.) (And now youtube's got this vid recognition program that stops other fans from reloading but not spam from reloading thousands of times, so in the past I've actually had to wait for restricted vids to disappear before I could even reload them.) (I'm on super slow pre-dawn glitchy router-tower stuff so I'm twiddling my thumbs, up to 33% now.) (I know, I could direct link it, but that kind of deflates the purpose of having a video uploaded into an iframe host, doesn't it? I mean, if you're going to be like that and not care if anyone ever even sees it, put it onto a different host on a private site, or unlist the thing on youtube instead of teasing people with it. That's what CDs are for.) (There are people on youtube who actually still offer to sell private copies of fanvids on CDs to people and gullible people that fall for that. All it takes is one person purchasing to upload it onto a public host to ruin that. I mean, step out of the stone age.) (And of course youtube is doing maintenance so it's in read-only mode, now I hafta wait to see if the vid even reloaded or got rejected.) (Some of you are wondering if what I'm doing is illegal. Fifty shades of grey, guys. Just reinforcing a probability matrix. It was all pre-owned material in the first place.) (82%) (Creator given credit in description. Looks like it's accepted. Still processing.)

(It's tempting to drink more coffee, but I know better than to do that. I've paced a few times. Really not in the mood to do chores or WORK while I'm waiting on this.) (Kinda funny that embedding is disabled but it can be added willy nilly to anyone's playlist.) (Here we go, yay!)

(I'm not bad, I'm just written that way.)

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