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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sucker Day

May is one of those months where I lurk in my house and try not to get out much. When I worked a hotel desk, it was the busiest month of the year between graduations and weddings, city wide garage sales, and local festivals and events (like  Sucker Day), on top of the usual loads of people coming in to Branson or the Medical Mile. And if you have kids, yeah, wrapping up tons of school stuffs, getting ready for vacations, just crazy. We're going to have some extra Bunny time ourselves while daycare takes vacation, so I need to get on my planning, grocery, and chore lists. All my Xanga fees are due at the end of the month, too, and after that I need to get on some serious savings plans for new glasses, new laptop, new athletic shoes... These are all at least five years old. But first, I really need to buy a Sucker Day t-shirt.

I'm still intensely pleased that Martin Freeman trended for hours Tuesday.

I slapped this playlist together 11 days ago as FOCUS! muzak for when I WORK! >=l but I guess it's been discovered. I never thought about other people when I started stacking my faves together, but it's been found and views are piling up. As I always say, fans are awesome, and I started skimming the cream off the top for myself. Since I've got way more tucked away, I'm sure more will be showing up as I get the time. You're welcome.

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