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Friday, November 18, 2016

last week's movie gang chat room watch

I'm giving up on photobucket this week and using Pinky blog to host these pix for SyfyDesigns so I can copy-paste this over. (copy here)

Last weekend we got movie gang together again so we can compare chat rooms. Myke has recently done a major upgrade on SyfyDesigns (plz note it's been around for 10 YEARS and is a registered domain *applause*), so Myke is very serious about this chat room testing stuff. I'm arguing with him about ease of use over cost efficiency and control over security features, but it's ultimately up to the chat room users what you guys prefer- what is easiest to use across devices, etc. There are pros and cons galore, and we may be testing both chat rooms simultaneously LIVE every time we host a linked movie gang watch through the winter. More info HERE.

As promised, I got screen shots from last week's watch party, and this will be my test to see if SyfyDesigns still limits to 10 media loads per frame.

Our watch parties are a riot.  photo 17happyrock.gif

Due to differing time zones, holidays, work schedules, family time, and health needs, not all of us can get together when we want to as often as we want to. Our group loves this decompression time together, as you can imagine, and we've all been sad lately not having it to touch base.

Please emblazen this into your brains- THE CHAT ROOMS ARE OPEN ALL THE TIME. If you can't get into a chat room, grab @ekym and TELL HIM.

The goals Myke has for SyfyDesigns are simple-

  • Hipster galaxy coffee shop for scifi fans & tech nerds, etc
  • Dive bar for spaceship crews needing hang outs together

SyfyDesigns is created by a big nerdy fan FOR FANS. The reason it has restricted registration is so Myke can hold the spambot attacks down, and believe me, they can get nuts, hundreds a day. Registration allows our content to stay clean from internet VD.

If you would like to register, we would love to have more writers. A number of us are big comics, TV show, movie, and gaming fans, plus there is room in the forum for all kinds of other interests, like pets, hobbies, tech support ideas and questions, just an easy place to hang out.

I have been using SyfyDesigns as a traffic driver to my writing in other places, and am lately appreciating that I can transfer archive materials for backup safekeeping.

If you love writing, whether it's reviews (both recap and speculative) or your own fiction ideas or simply want or need a place to share without having to maintain your own site, SyfyDesigns is a great place to play and share. It's well seen and provides supplement link support back to your own projects.

Disclaimer notice- SyfyDesigns is currently a not for profit site and content is not paid for. Submitted content is the property of the creator, and if SyfyDesigns must be held responsible for its content, then that content could be removed if it crosses lines of reasonable respect and courtesy into racial, sexual, religious, or political tension. SyfyDesigns is about fans finding welcome and camaraderie, not winning arguments. Rants, instigatory poking, and mocking at others' expense could mean being banned.

This also applies to using the chat room during movie watches to rally block parties on other social media. This. will. get. you. banned. The chat room movie watches are for movie watches, not hate rallies.

All these things will be posted in appropriate places on SyfyDesigns soon. Takes time.

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