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Saturday, November 5, 2016

explorer extraordinaire stopped for coffee

~I started this yesterday~

I'm having an interesting day on Pinky blog, so I thought I'd do a little investigating. Sometimes my biggest days are pure accidents, but it's hard to say. One person's keyword search 'nothing but pinky blog' sent me on my own keyword search, and besides porn, I ran into this cool pinterest board. This pin is my fave on that board, clicks out. That Pinky also has a tumblr and a shop, but I can't tell if they are still active.

So that was cool, but didn't account for the big surge. A couple of people retweeted on twitter, but that still doesn't account for the majority of incoming before I posted today. Blogger is kind of pointing at facebook and google, statcounter keeps insisting it's Rick Lagina luv and weird searches like 'gerbil costume' and 'coffee helmet' (what???), but from what I can tell, people are actually stopping to read several pages. I guess today is cosmic Pinky blog day or something.

While I'm seeing this stuff, I'm also seeing that my top GTW impression (not clicks) is, are you ready for this- www youtube repeater strange animal noises in woods repeat in loop. Yeah, no idea what the crap, but for some reason, my blog has popped up in search 1,684 times on that.

That totally beat out 'Rick Lagina death' impressions, which are currently at 1,771. Srsly, Rick, GET A BLOG. Geez, dude, I feel like someone who accidentally got your old phone number or something.

Google analytics runs 24 hours behind, so I can't see the last 12 hours, and I don't get much from them anyway. The best trackers I've ever had were Xanga's internal tracker and sitemeter, but I can't load sitemeter onto new blogs any more, so wah. Those two trackers would give me blow by blow with referrals, and sitemeter would throw in a map, no hesitation. I've tried several trackers on the side, but they're such bot magnets that I'm like just forget it.

I know, I should probably be paying more attention to my Lexxperience stats. Someone in Ottawa keeps checking on the Xanga site for stuff, plus things are still jumping every day over there. I'm just still so bummed about Xanga, I'm sorry. K, now I just depressed myself, time to go do something else again.

Oh, by the way, the old Mo Creatures 1.7 server is GONE now, thank goodness I got all those pix when I did.


And the new server is live and my downloads are done but I still can't get in.  photo hyper.gif Egads, and photobucket was down for maintenance, so I had to go back and get that.

At least my dishes are done. The laundry is nearly all done. Hang on, I'll go finish that up.

~now it is today~

I asked in forum about the new server, it's not ready yet. My excitement is in limbo.

Sausage with burnt crispy edges is awesome. That is all.

Not in the mood to dig up google analytics now. No longer care who did what where when.

All these pix were me hanging out all by myself in the coolest town on an abandoned server.

We finally got a cooler morning, down in the 40s. Can't help thinking all the different deer seasons (bow, black powder, gun, whatever) are such a drag this year for a variety of live parasitic blood suckers. People make a game out of asking what you'd want for a superhero power, I think I'd want to automatically repel everything that wants to buzz around, crawl on, and otherwise bite me. I think I would install a restraining order good up to at least 50 feet or curl up and die as I pass.

You guys have no idea how long I've wanted to mock @bonenado like this. Twitter analytics says over 12K people could have seen this one.

This one's still my fave this month, though. Didn't amount to much, but it made me giggle. The Flash is my fave show to live tweet.

 Where was I? Oh yeah, missing Mo Creatures.

I don't know if Alien ever noticed that I defaced his 'twins', so I posted it on my profile page at the moc forum. "I found evil, and evil I did become. Ok ok, I just put the roses in their hands and lit up the eyes. I think Alien made this."

I keep doing these long sighs.

Plans today? Nope. Just keep moving and doing stuff, nothing in particular, but somewhat productive, whatever it is. May wind up going back to bed. I've heard rumors of another virus sweeping through the area, also wondering if this flu shot did kinda get to me, maybe just still worn out from October and then so much stuff stacked up this last Thursday. I'm in negative spoon territory. It's NOT helping that autumn allergies are still in high gear. The last of my Z-pack is wearing off, the whole sinus thing is ramping up again, and I feel like my head wasn't done dreaming yet.

So back to bed it is. Or...

This guy must not know the fill command. And now I've gotta go try this on one of my realm worlds and watch it blow up. See ya.

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