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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

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HY-VEE HAD CHEESE. Behold my pre-holiday haul.

I can relax now...

I know, I look like a crazy survivalist to people who don't have a clue what it's like for the nearest actual civilization to be more than ten miles away (30 miles in the other direction). Having a little gas station, an outlying bank, a teeny weeny post office, and a school a bit closer doesn't count. If you think in spaceship show terms, my area is like a tiny outpost in the neutral zone in the vast expanse of space between humans and Klingons. It really is a big deal when I have to drive 30 miles one way to get more than Kraft cheddar blocks. Don't even talk to me about Cracker Barrel. I'll contend with Lisa Marie Bowman that at least one good thing comes out of Vermont, and that's Cabot's seriously sharp cheddar, plus I picked up the Australian cheddar again, which is has a lovely bite. I've got both Reypenaer and Rembrandt aged goudas to compare. Next time I get over that far I'll probably try an aged Manchego (Spain). There was one beautifully oranged laced marble looking cheese called Dragon's Breath that wasn't a bleu, but I didn't look where that one came from and I seriously doubt I'd ever eat, but it was so cool that I had to pick it up and look at it.

I made my first pre-New Year's resolution the other day to buy no more ice cream the rest of the year. I just made my second pre-New Year's resolution-


Every little bit when my brain is useless and I still feel like being busy, I work on thinning out my tag cloud. I've slowly been eliminating most of the tags I've used only once. No sense using a tag at all if you don't go anywhere else when you click it, right? I mean, I could use it to find stuff in Pinky blog faster, but half the time I used tags willy nilly without that sense of my own library purpose, so that's actually useless even in an alphabetized drop down list of tags. Another example of tightening up my tag cloud is looking for similar tag groups, like autumn, autumn leaves, and autumn peak and fixing them to just all be tagged autumn.

I have a million tags...

So, double on therapies yesterday. Physical therapy was back to a fairly grueling ASTYM, and the rest of the year I'll be alternating every week between that and the spine guy who'll keep working on parasympathetic response, and then my psychologist visit is venturing into a new direction that, even though I've started dealing with on Pinky blog, I'm not ready to talk about yet. It's a little disturbing finding out people you come from could have been targeted for experimentation. Those of you compelled to dig for truthing in politics might be interested in this article. From there, I really think we need to learn as a society the importance of not purposely triggering each other. People who are easily triggered into depression and meltdowns just over mentioning candidacy are, in my opinion, high risk, and suicide can be part of the conditioning.

My first step into all this many years ago was a sudden interest during my sociology degree in college in Durkheim's social theory on suicide.
The Study of Suicide by Emile Durkheim
If he is correct, then suicide is a social 'disease'. Humans are very group oriented with an innate very early propensity to peer pressure, and this can affect us all our lives. To venture into the sordid underground of groupthink and doublethink conditioning as a root cause of social suicide disease is a big thing. If I were a professor steeped in a thesis project, that would be the bomb. And honestly and very personally, I believe this process is already so much a part of us that we don't even blink any more, and it would mean almost nothing in real terms to simply point it out, even with hard evidence. Everything nowadays is simply drowned out in volumes of reshare and opinionating everything under the sun. The hashtag "is not my" whatever (Cubs, Trump, whatevs) is proof how easily distracted and refocused we are. Just turn anything you want into a suggestible spew game, all the rest is drowned out.

In way more benign but super interesting thoughts, I also ran into the most outstanding article I've read to date about fibromyalgia last night.
The History of Fibromyalgia may be longer than you thought
Mine is super severe, and I'm pretty much on leading edge with treatment and functional survival without a lot of big pharma, and given how common and genetic they're finding out this actually is, I really hope the documentation going into the notes on everything we're doing in physical therapy helps other people. Extensive notes have been made on local muscle/fascia/nerve problems and responses to treatment, and it's clearly a whole body response malfunction. I can't stress enough how big a deal it is to come back from near immobility and crashing immune system fail from severe fibro being impacted by untreated diabetes and autoimmune flares during several big viral infections that even moderately impacted my brain. Hurting is not a joke, and people who say they're hurting aren't hypochondriacs. No one wants to hurt. It's taken me decades to reach this point of being taken this seriously, but I had to get serious enough myself to pursue it. I also had to take the chicken-egg debate on full force and fight my way through the idea that depression caused my pain. Like I said- no one wants to hurt. My depression cycles follow a pain pattern that follows a weather pattern, etc, and I had to blog for years to see that pattern expressed. If you are a chronic spoonie and not journaling, START. *NOW*. You might just save your own life. Journaling would also be a useful tool for caretakers. Not everyone can do their own blogging.

Meanwhile, Bing keeps noticing my java probs on Chrome and keeps offering to be my bestie, since it hogs all the java for itself. I almost fell for it until it offered to download Chrome into its own holding cell, and I was all backing off going OK, thanks, it's been great, but... *turn and run*.

Also, side note, this is my third Thursday this week. For some reason I wake up thinking every day is Thursday now. It's taking all my will to bend my mind back to what day it actually is. Today I'm going with the mantra "Tomorrow is Thursday", because I cannot bring my brain around to "Today is Wednesday". It's been weird.

Minecraft 1.11 is out. I've already been bitten by one of the new werewolves. It makes you super hungry and  you hafta fight and eat at the same time before you die from hunger. I haven't seen a llama yet. I've also learned to enchant, but I'm saving that for my Bluejacky blog. That blog never used to be bothered, but it's getting about one spam hack attempt a day now, so between that and Pinky blog, I'm wondering if blogger in general is having a hard time with germs. The activity isn't off the charts or anything, but someone has found a way through trash protocols. Surveypalooza doesn't seem to be affected at all. Yep, it's still France making its way through accessible associated accounts. Not sure if this is related, but I had to change my Minecraft password twice within 6 days. Minecraft necessarily uses java, and java is probably the problem because the paper.li embed code I took off Pinky blog used java.

This post got a big more intense than intended. Let's get silly with an oldie but goodie. Cheers to those of you already experiencing real Thursday.

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