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Sunday, November 6, 2016

newthink reruns and TNT

Popping awake at 3 a.m. the morning of the clock change, like you do...

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So I finally reverted back to my minecraft realm worlds, which got me out of a few people's hair and off my twitter election depression musing (which got me over 1100 impressions, while other tweets before and after stayed pretty flat, so a handful of people actually read those), and played with new things. Here is what I have learned.

  • Just because a person knows how to use a fill command doesn't mean they won't waste an inordinate amount of time trying to blow up a field of TNT under ocean water. Intelligence, meet stupidity. However, I did get even more ideas for other things while I was at it.
  • I made my first portal, set up a base in the nether, and then went about learning about enchanting my armor and weapons. Yes, I actually avoided doing all these things for 9 months. Why? Because aspie ruts are pleasurable. Time to break out and learn to truly conquer.
  • Digging a depression to plant a bunch of oak trees is definitely worth a little time. I'm spoiled to the moc tree feller power chop, and I don't wanna have to load a mod just to chop trees faster when they grow 3-4 stories tall.
Now I need to learn potions and mining in the nether. I also need to learn how to plan how to build out a real establishment. I'm one of those on the fly people, and while some of my stuff turns out kinda cool, it's still very basic.

One idea I had for new moc once I get land is a pair of giant portal-looking Lady Gaga sunglasses with the weird TV screen stuff in them instead of portal mist. I have loads of ideas, and I'll need a LOT of land. If I disappear off the medias a lot, I'll be tunneling my way to wealth on the upgrade. I'm brushing up on golden shovel grief prevention so I'll know what I'm doing when the time comes.

Meanwhile, I'm ignoring @bonenado's advice on week 9 of #SnarkFF and keeping my lineup the way it is. It's killing him that I won't change my defense out. Since I get more joy out of his angsty fantasy writhings than I do actually winning, yeah. That. Sometimes I get lucky and it backfires into me getting super points on the thing he's angsty about. It could  happen.

Ok, slaves, heads up. Very particular posts have been getting hit harder from other countries than from the U.S. of A., and it's not because they're bots. It's not always easy to see, but the patterns help, and then catching an hour here or there of singular hit repetition helps. I'm being passed around in facebook messaging by people who aren't even friended to me, and these people are VERY interested in the election. But you're (meaning Pinky) not even talking about the election, you say. And you are a silly brain trained sheep, I say. If you have been missing what I've been saying on Pinky blog, and particularly a particular image I shared particularly, you are so deep in the blue pill that you'll never be free. You cannot think for yourself, you already do what you're told even when you think you're making your own decisions, and you respond on cue to media triggers without even realizing it. Congratulations, rugged individualist. Your freedom rings. Hollow.

I know. I can plead 'crazy' any time I want, and you guys can blow me off for that.

We accept lies about lies because we don't love the truth, and we're even against the truth because we have been so trained to repel the truth that we can't even see other people fighting and hoping for us outside our country. We hate people who are on our side because we can't even see what side we're really on. We're so deep that, even drowning, we choose to stay in our places and fall for the last big lie- that our vote gives us power. And I say, Not if both sides are on the same side.

There is so much more than choosing a side. (Is Seagal a plant? A stoolie? A handler? My only interest is watching a chess board.) (Who is the real 'bad guy' here? *Is* there a bad guy? And if you found out what you think of as a bad guy is really a good guy, would you freeze in a logic loop?) (For those not watching, Putin purportedly loved Obama for awhile, Seagal has purportedly been against him, but that's super simplistic. The twisted path to this granted citizenship is really fun to follow, if you've been keeping track of these things over a long time.) (Jason Bourne is just a character, we watch too much TV, we let news reporting slide right by us with a little bit of snarking because we are so deep in entertainment.)

And I completely accept that this is where we are and where we've been going for decades. The dire warnings from popular prognosticators are late distractions, after the fact, part of the brain training into doublethink. It's all part of the show. Worry about something we didn't notice already happened. One of them even openly mapped out this whole path, warning to stay off the path while actually leading the sheep on it.

We are already here. The stage is set. The script is ready. At least for us in the U.S. Some parts of the world still resist. They will be summarily dealt with. No one else is our boss. Winning hand takes all. One hand to rule them all, which has already been cleverly planted into your heads.

One day this will all just be part of our entertainment culture and no one will believe it really happened like that.

OH, I finally saw Star Trek Beyond last night. The biggest thing I came away with was how close to original series Star Trek this movie felt. For those of you who never saw original series ST when it first aired, when the Beatles and Rolling Stones were still just pups and scifi on TV was brand new stuff and not the edgy huge screen monster it's grown into, it was actually pretty magical to have to use your own brain to fill in the gaps. Storytelling has evolved into spoon feeding and scientifically timed attention-getting effects, so even though this 3rd new Trek felt toned down from 2nd new Trek, it was still very watchable. There were many fails I could pick on, but the longer I watched, the more I laughed and thought Yes, this is like Original Trek. I thought This is the way I felt the first time I saw Star Trek.

You guys know Star Trek has always been leading edge for newthink, right? *wink* Go rewatch it and see what you think of the nebula, the bubble, and all those little drills eating everything. We've already seen these things happen in Stargate and Lexx. This image isn't new.

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