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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

in hell on Halloween

Totally going to ramble this morning, and I'm better now, thank goodness, so I'm going to share one of the coolest Halloweens I've ever enjoyed. Alone. #itwasawesome But real stuff happened, too, and I really did suffer, so the fantastic level was at pure 10.

Up to this point, I haven't been a nether person and avoid portals. I find 'hell' disorienting and get lost.
But this portal showed up by my new digs...
My day started with the dentist. My teeth aren't beautiful, but they are healthy and functional, plus my gums are also still very healthy, which is phenomenal at my age, so I don't mind going in every 6 months for little fixits, like sealing a broken bit or keeping an eye on a teensy spot for a year and a half that finally became a witty bitty cavity.

At first we had no idea who did this, and it wasn't until signs with coordinates were left on a doorstep that we decided to investigate.
I get the epi-free numby shots because regular novacaine catapults me into these magnificent anxiety attacks that make me feel like I've been electrified right down to my toes. I usually take benadryl and extra xanax before I go in to help handle the needle (super aspie's so aspie), and my dentist is unusually awesome with autism spectrum, so over a few years I have really settled for him. Yesterday I tossed around pros and cons of moving a xanax dose up a couple hours, overlapping previous dose, and the result was floating around for a few hours, and thank goodness because this was actually a pretty painful fix, even with a numby shot, and even though it went really fast. I was nearly backflipping outa the chair while the band was being jammed down into my gumline. He said I would feel it later...

Stepping through the portal, I can already see hell on the other side.
I floated out of there and over to Walmart, which was unusually super busy on a Monday morning, so I guess it's official- Christmas is here and the next 10 weeks trying to get a few groceries will be like trying to navigate Silver Dollar City on Memorial Day weekend. But it was cool, I was still numb and floating, looking like someone punched me lightly in the face, which is a great way to deter being smiled at by strangers. I wrote this in 2009 when life monumentally sucked. Smile. You'll feel better. Things are way easier now, but I was kinda loopy yesterday, so best not interact too much.

Stepping through is really dangerous, you get attacked immediately. The first time through, I wound up reeling and falling into lava far below.
I haven't indulged in scented candles in several years, so I picked up a large Moonlit Night (Yankee Candle) by American Home. Oddly, as perfume-y as it is, it's one of the few scents that doesn't start me sneezing immediately, or even at all. I just need to smell something besides my house. I keep airing it out because it's been so gorgeous outside, but my allergies are still going full blast, whee.

Seriously dismal, but I'm getting good enough at minecraft to handle it now, plus with the old server going out soon, we're allowed to switch to creative mode, which I have to do very quickly every time I go either way through a portal because for some reason, stepping through throws me back into survival.
So that numb shot and xanax both didn't wear off until right in the middle of the Gotham live tweet last night, and *wham* that sucked. Instant dragon again for about 10 minutes before I realized and took a pain pill. He wasn't kidding about feeling it later, it's 24 hours later now and my face hurts like crap and I can't take anything yet, so I'm in this weird limbo state where I'm nearly in full shut down trying to stay on autopilot switching from one thing to another every few minutes. I started this post 7 hours ago.

I shared in yesterday's post that we'd been sent on this mysterious adventure to find riches or something. I followed really vague clues and found this place by sheer accident.
And in case you're not ready to be over Halloween yet, here, go have some fun.
Tim Burton Illuminati (search list)
And then ask yourself if his 'fails' and 'losing his edge' is really about sales. If you don't see CATCF as a perfect counterpart to AiW, then you're living in a really tiny bubble, because we are immersed and there is no 'out' of hell.

I kept thinking there HAD to be more to adventure than just finding a secret lair hidden in the nether, right? I've been learning how to use xyz coordinates to determine probabilities and was getting pretty good at finding villages and temples like crazy, so maybe I could do the same thing in the nether....
Ok, you found that boring, you need much more difficult gristle to gnaw on. Here, try this.
the difference between historical illuminati and pop culture illuminati (another search list) My question- if Illuminati doesn't exist in any real form from any point of view, then why is it so pervasively used? Doesn't that itself cause its existence? Just because it doesn't fit a definition for the 1700's, or just because it's a fictionalized part of our modern world doesn't mean it doesn't exist. For a conspiracy word, this one is about the most pervasively slippery being used at every turn but not really being real. Why are we using it, then? (doublethink)
A Brief History of the Illuminati
I personally don't care if there are secret historical ties or it jumped the shark, but everyone seems to be on board this train, so let's just call it what it wants to be called, ok? Maybe someone co-opted it.

Long story short, after a couple of hours of plotting and surveying, a small piece of ladder magically showed up on a block near the lair, and quite simply, I took it to mean 'go up'. I was in creative, easy peasy, just launch up and punch my way through layers of hell, It didn't even hit me I could punch through and get completely OUT of everything. Wo....
You guys didn't see me getting all my dishes done between paragraphs. I don't just sit here and surf.

Someone had been busy! I just sat here sqeeeeing like an idiot, I was so tickled to get to see this.
It was about this time last year that I got called a psycho for freaking someone out. It was a weird friendship, and I'm sure the innocents had no idea I accidentally popped his PTSD cork. If you don't know what I'm talking about, take the blue pill and go back to sleep. Me, I like being awake, and walking among the dead. Ok, yes, even with an outstanding headache from the dentist. Don't scoff, some of you people blowing it off with everyone goes through that. Um, yeah, fine, just spend a day in my body and then go cry on twitter about how much frickin nerve damage is ruining your life. I'm amusing myself through a headache. Some of you will probably never understand that.

Behind the figures were stairs leading up a sort of nether temple mount, and from there I was running around inside the figures (more clues!!!) and back down into the nether through the Outside mountain.
By the way, I'm using a crockpot liner today. I still have fond feelings for him, even if he is still stuck in a blind loop. Apparently a lotta people are. Blame the drugs, blame the porn, blame the music, but if he's not a slave, he's a slaver, and I walked through the wrong door and triggered alarms. I never saw a more tortured soul trained to bolt, unless he's got genius acting skillz, which I doubt, although I do think he's a trained watchdog. I'll be more mindful next time. I know, this blogging out loud stuff is unreal, but srsly, I'm currently eating sauerkraut and hot dogs and about to go fold laundry. It's just a headache.

And then from there I was able to find out how we were being watched without being seen, found more chests (mostly empty), pretty much the remnants of a game not finished. Apparently it had been tried out (the original participants in survival would've had to be teleported to the Outside start point by admins), but I'm betting not completely solved, and there must still be hidden riches of some kind. Why else would clues be set up for us to find? The server is about to be wiped and reset, and the creator of this game probably never saw it finished out. I'm one of the regulars still logging in, and I love tunneling and snooping around other people's stuff. I am really enjoying this game.
You can make a big deal out of symbolism all you want, from any angle. Point blank, all symbols exist, whether humans exist or not. Whether they are mathematical and found in nature or are emotional or spiritual, they necessarily exist because the world is the way it is. Applying mystical meaning to a specific set of symbols is co-opting, adopting them for special interest usage. Historically, the 'Nazi' symbol has been used all over the world to mean very different things by a variety of peoples, but Hitler is the one who made it so famous that it became representative of something forever burned into our brains now. Same thing with other symbols in religions and politics of all kinds. When symbols become synonymous with ideas in your head because you've been trained to associate those symbols with specific ideologies, you have effectively been brainwashed. Everything from there becomes a muddle of string pulling and side taking, sometimes to the point of hate-mongering and even deeply trained fear and anxiety response. When you can walk away from ALL the symbols, you will be free. Nations and religions adopt symbols so people can find their 'kind' and group up, and this has become very fashionable in popular cultures and sales motifs. Guys, symbols are just symbols. If all symbols were taken away from us and we couldn't identify ourselves or other people with them, what would we do? Love each other? Can't have that, can we?

I don't know if Alien will see my note, but I did a screen shot for posterity. We'll always have hell...
I'll probably be listening to this right up through Christmas.

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