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Monday, November 21, 2016

slapping Monday back like

Eye goo.

All that fun rakey rakey, right? I stayed indoors and watched out a window, but it all dragged in anyway. Time to strip the house again. Even @bonenado is a snot monster, and if *he's* bad...? It's bad.

People who also deal with chronic skin conditions have even more fun during allergy flares, just by systemic histamine spike immune response association. I have a mild 3x4 area on one lower leg for a couple of years that's barely even visible but responds to absolutely nothing but leaving it the hell alone, or it'll look the f* like hell, dammit (srsly, what did I do to piss off those skin cells???) For some reason that's the only spot, but I know a few people who tolerate way more.
Psoriasis vs Eczema: What is the difference? View 18 Photos
Anyway, mine flared up into the Itch From Hell last night during The Walking Dead while my eyes melted into this caterpillar in pupal stage goo, so I feel for everyone going into Thanksgiving with this kind of stuff going on. If being infected with the zombie virus would mean living without histamine response, I'd take it in a heartbeat. I'm usually past all this by mid-November, but autumn was late this year, then suddenly arrived like the Biebster, and now the exit flourish is destroying some of us. To people who don't experience allergies-

  • Take a day off from complaining about other stuff
  • Go outside and breathe deeply and ENJOY THIS PLANET
  • Share your joy about this big beautiful space ball we live on

Thank you.

Ok, it's Monday, I have to strip my house and go through another little bottle of eye drops.

I was looking for a Monday before Thanksgiving demotivational theme, wound up in Black Friday parodies, then hit gold with a minecraft parody of "Friday". 2.3M views don't lie. And now I'm stuck in "Friday" parodies. Happy Monday, guys. You're welcome.

4.8M views. Where have I been?

K, back to something that will actually help me go get things done.

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