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Saturday, November 12, 2016

this is a space filler post

Laughing my head *off*. A private login account with http://icsw.nhtsa.gov/ has left an exit redirect to a *cough* 'dating site' *cough* that refers to yours truly, Pinky blog. Guys, that is the Institute for Clinical Social Work and the Department of Transportation. "NHTSA's new search tool lets you enter a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)" Someone who logged in and out today didn't realize they allowed a hack into a govt site. Firewalls? Anyone? Here, in case you think I make this stuff up.

To be clear, in the event of a pingback audit or something, I can only guess at what I'm seeing, but when I get to a page like this

then it's easy to conclude that was a private login account that got accessed. These are your tax dollars at work, people. This is how easily govt sites get hacked. I'm just sitting here innocently looking at today's referrals list.

Pinky blog has been hit very regularly, but not exactly more. It's weird. Maybe it was the kind of content I was putting out around election time, which attracted quite a lot of attention from one country in particular, which I think is telling (you'd never guess), so I'm going to put a control post here for kicks. None of my content here will use or be tagged with a certain word, but I'll make it obvious. I think there are two words crossing streams, one being election and the other being this other word I've been tossing out, and it's either drawing flies (auto hacker bots), genuine concern (for good or ill), or someone just really likes the youtube fanvids I've been using lately and plays them over and over (and I say this because one post in particular has no other written content, no other tags, was never linked, but it has a cool vid, and *bam* it's in my top ten right now). Ok, I'm ready for the control content now... Disregard this, it's just bait to see if I'm really being watched that hard from one place.

I think it's interesting that everyone misses this is its own brand, or logo. It says "This is a high quality product for use in your projects. We guarantee your satisfaction."

It's about merching people as products to use in other products. I could get into manufacturing sometime, perhaps, but I'm not an expert in the entertainment trade. All I know is, the best human products come with this logo.

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