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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vote Beeblebrox

my voting sox 2016 #PinkySox 
Waving hello to the variety of countries visiting me from facebook links this last couple of weeks. Top hits outside the U.S. are from Canada, UK, Germany, France, and Ireland. All y'alls are big on vote stuffs, I hear ya. 'Muricans are being a bit silly over here and the fate of the world is in our hands, omg.

And I'm not making fun, I know all you guys are way closer to the nukes and other missiles currently revving up than we are.

Also, hello California *mwah*, buncha sweethearts over there watching the Missouri experimentation and testing area for what's coming next. For those who don't know what I mean, I casually mentioned years ago that militarized police were seen eating lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Nixa (birth place of Jason Bourne), and that was pre-Ferguson. I kind of disappeared into the mist for awhile, because it got super weird when Langley area hits super revved up on my blogs after Obama got in, but I'm used to it now and we're cool. I'm being a good little 'Murican, watching my TV and talking about my meds and socializing like a good little consumer.

I know people who have worked themselves up silly over this. They feel sick, for realz. I grew up in a family where prophetic doom and gloom were more exciting than birthday and Christmas, so I'm in chomping popcorn mode and grinning like a silly idiot. These click out.

Hang on, it's time to run out the door and go vote so @bonenado can get to work. Back in a few.


Ok, I'm back.

Vote now!

Who would you vote for?

Bilbo Baggins (can be trusted with the Arkenstone)
Michonne (wields the sword of truth aka katana)
Austin Powers (he's got mojo, yeah baby yeahhhh)
Felicity Smoak (the only mistake she made was leaving Oliver)

I actually take voting very seriously. I get after @bonenado for skipping some of the bubbles when there's only one candidate on the ballot (like treasurer or something), but I couldn't bring myself to vote for 'Growcock', had to skip that one. I'm sure she's awesome, but I just can't SAY I voted for ...

Why? Because I cannot keep a straight face. I launch right into asthma attacks laughing so hard. I just can't. I refuse to risk dying laughing over something like that.

K, I've got serious minecraft stuff to work on, plus I've already stripped the bedding into the laundry because time for winter sheets to go on the bed, and stuff out to finally make my chocolate cake waffles. I know, right, nothing like finally getting to my birthday plans 2 weeks after my birthday. October was the longest month, just glad it's done and autumn finally arrived here (November casually mutated into awesome like Hey, sup?), and now it's countdown to turkey (Macy's Parade!!!) and Christmas (hiding presents!!!) and I'm in a froody mood.

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