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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

playing ball in the house, like you do

We were pretty busy yesterday.

Pretty sure this was a regrettable maneuver. Papa wound up having to lift her over and over after that.

I'm one of those chillaxed meemaws who remembers being a kid.

I remember wanting to experiment with different kinds of utensils and people sternly telling me "do it right" or it would be taken away. Scientists and artists and philosophers don't do things 'right', they create new and exciting ways to see the world.

This one is a bit longer, but it turned into 'get meemaw' and all heck broke loose. Maybe that'll translate to regionals in volleyball and baseketball down the road, like her mama.

Today is more physical therapy and a couple of errands. I have 2 days left to finish my library book. It's a one-time loan via mobius, I can't recheck it. It'll be a challenge because heavy book is a lot of arm work, hard on my neck holding still to read even if I rest the book on a table, and still kind of hard on my eyes because nerve overload and headaches, BUT it's the coolest book and would make an awesome movie and I really wanna finish it. So I might not be tweeting much for a couple of days.

And @bonenado was awesome and totes replaced my $80 phone case yesterday evening because it's been taped together for months, and no matter how crazily and violently I drop, toss, and ricochet my phone, my phone still actually works just fine, so this is the best case ever and I'm actually saving the original for backup in case I destroy this one even worse. It's leather with all those tiny rock crystals glued on, so it takes loads of impact. It's called Brilliance and you can get it in several colors for several kinds of phones. If I had the right phone I'd have gotten rose gold. I got the last one for S6 in the whole store because it's discontinued.


I'm already time skipping, have been thinking for several days that we're in December now. I don't bring it up much but there's this thing-
Is Fibromyalgia Aging You?
This is still so new that the studies aren't really completed enough yet to give definitive answers one way or another, even though you can run into a list of headlines screaming about fibro and gray matter loss. I've always known I'm losing cognitive function, I've been in and out of glitch and super glitch, memory impairments galore. I can feel my nervous system going down in super slo-mo.

It hasn't killed me yet. I can still laugh in the moment with my family. Pinky blog will help me stay focused, and I will continue to do my things.

As a generalized observation on personal blogging, I think self discovery through things like autism and ADD and other diagnoses, chronic illness survivalism, embracing depression and other mental illnesses- seeing ourselves through what we share with the world is the new human expression. Adding ourselves to the growing library of the internet is how we find ourselves in the global human race. Looking at ourselves and watching others look at us giving us ways to see ourselves through different eyes is our new method of healing. Learning to see each other, feel each other is the new age.

"I was here."

"I see that you are/were here, and I like what you did there."


It's been awhile since I had some Benny C on here.

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