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Monday, November 21, 2016

floating on track

5 ingredients-
  • whatever cauliflower that's left from salads that you can't force yourself to finish raw, boiled and drained
  • whatever is left from an open can of evaporated milk after you've used most of it in a recipe, warmed in empty cauliflower pan after cauliflower is cooked
  • about an inch slice off a regular size block of velveeta, warmed in the milk until it stirs in
  • onion powder to your liking, I accidentally dumped nearly a teaspoon but this is very edible, I like onion flavor
  • the rest of the cooked peppered bacon that is way too spicy to finish up and you're sick of it
Awesome soup. Wait, the flavor and texture is much better than that, lemme try again.

Behold, awesome soup.

Still euphorically floating around and kinda forgetting to eat (which makes good soup awesome), but actually got a nap after several days of around 5 hours of sleep a night, so yay. Figured maybe now is a good time to get hold of photobucket since I'm too weird to be bitey. How's this for succinct?

Subject: login issues- Upload forces relogin, can't upload for 5 days


Concerning account "(me)"

Every time I click 'upload' I am force logged off. Clicking 'upload' takes me straight to 'login' and I login over and over trying to do an upload. This happens on every browser I try.

Everything else is working fine. I have been a pro user for years. I even beta tested a new feature one year.

I have not received any kind of acknowledgement that my last email (in this forward) was received or that this issue is being looked into.

I'm staying calm in epic facepalm. I use photobucket heavily for international forum and fan site readership, and photobucket is the mainstay of most of my blog building. Please fix this.

Thank you,

By the way, photobucket is having some really sweet holiday shopping deals, so you better jump on those. https://print.photobucket.com/

Maybe I should send an email to paper.li about their bot swarms...

Anyway, since I can't get this into photobucket at this specific size, I'm going to put it here and see if I can hotlink it to where I want it to go in a widget, ok? Ok.

I mean, I have that around in other places, but I wanted that particular snip. And now it's getting late, so I'll finish playing with it later, whenever that is. I have stuff in town the next 2 days, and I'm pretty sure I'll feel a little beat up from physical therapy, plus getting ready for Thanksgiving. I've noticed I'm already starting to emotionally disengage and @bonenado talking to me is like through a filter where I'm only half aware of even interacting, so aspienado is already having a tough time staying on the holiday slide.

I need emergency Christmas music, STAT.

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