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Sunday, November 13, 2016

turkey day countdown

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This post is brought to you by the letters I-M and the other letters T-I-R-E-D. I haven't sanded pallets or power washed a house, like some of my friends, but I kinda feel like I was with them in spirit.

So, this getting up in the 3s every morning aching all over and staring at the stupid 2 pounds I put back on that aren't coming back off and even taunting me with nearly another pound- I blame time change, govt change, weather change, and especially multiplayer server change (yes, that is the most important thing in my life). I made an early New Year's resolution yesterday and I'm going to stick to it the rest of the year- DON'T BUY MYSELF ANY MORE ICE CREAM. I've been exceedingly slack in my disapproval of carb binging over the last week, and it's taking a real toll on me, so I've made the executive decision to embrace taking responsibility for this and not blame our new President. I'm still obsessively checking Mo Creatures for player service, though.

click for cool article on rare colors in wild turkeys
Let's see, where are we on countdown to Turkey Day? 11 more days. I'll probably have @bonenado haul our giant turkey up from the downstairs freezer next weekend. Tuesday is my big day in town this week, hopefully the rest of the week will stay freed up. I'd like to get my floors done.

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Oopsie, ventured into candyland, time to back it up and get off here. Nope, no deer yet. By this time yesterday @bonenado was already up pacing the floor tweaking all his plans, today he's still zonked in there. I'd better get breakfast going just in case.

I cannot believe someone actually did this. I have never in my life run into a pharmacy cocktail that could produce this level of happiness about Turkey Day.

All righty, anyone need a brain cleanser? This is way more my level of cool and exciting.

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