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Thursday, November 17, 2016

seriousness srsly getting seriouser

After a string of 5-6 hour nights since the time change, got one of my rare 8 hour nights last night. Now I'm ready to work and fighting with photobucket over login, whee. I've been riding out upgrades and code tweaks since 2005 with no regrets, but once in awhile we do a sort of Indian wrestling contest before I get the thumbs up to enter. Ah, I can see my account now. No, I still get the boot on upload. Guess I'll go back later. Crossing my phalanges they're just working on coding again because of the BIG NEW SALES THEY KEEP HAMMERING MY EMAIL WITH. #facepalm In my long experience, 3-5 a.m. is maintenance hours, so I guess I'll just do that work later.

Bunny is learning our names. Sploit named me "Janik" when she was four, and it has always stuck. Bunny is three and I hear she just named Papa "Spock". All the Scotts out there- Scott is Earthspeak for "Spock". #thumbsup

Yesterday was the closest thing to an actual business meeting that I've had a very long time. Myke and I met in chat and eventually moved to private and talked about SyfyDesigns stuff. It's been an idea sort of on hold with mostly me playing in what I dub the empty hallways, but I think it's nearly ready to bloom into its originally intended galaxian hipster coffee shop / spaceship dive bar.

Our opinions about the medias-
  • Facebook is trying too hard to 'do it all' and ultimately cosmically failing at providing a place designed for hang outs. The 'scifi' gangs and groups there don't work in a way where it's easy to see archives, or even last week's discussions if the group is busy enough.
  • Twitter is great for live tweeting, in the moment gabbing, and archived convos, but so quickly gets jumbled that even the most ardent payer attentioner can sometimes lose track of hundreds of notifications, and the convo threads splitting don't always stay connected to original thread when one is backtracking.
  • Reddit is simply just really hard to read and not at all useful for gang hanging outing.
  • G+ is great for mass distribution but it doesn't draw crowds. At all.
In the old days, fandoms used forums and chatrooms. Believe it or not, those have been quietly evolving in the business world and have turned into sleek limo style high security hosts that can be adjusted down to micromanagement of individual IP masking for clients who'd like to remain anonymous. Usually that sort of thing is bulldozed by the host and people get lost in conglomerates pushing worldwide connecting upping and then fun things happening, like having to submit grievance forms regarding stalkers and ID ripoffs. Yours truly has actually had to report a false Pinky pretending to be me (Janika Banks) in another country because facebook is so connect happy that IDs can be ripped and copied.

SyfyDesigns is owned and operated by a person who has managed business level forums and long dreamed of one day hosting a fun scifi board for people to hang out. It's been a registered domain for some time now, requiring registration for forum interaction and blog posting so that spam could be controlled. Guys, I've watched spam hammering old forums from an admin POV, it super sucketh. For Myke to have gone all these extra steps and the extra mile keeping this forum secure and holding its place all this time with out of pocket expense shows me this is solid planning with clear goals toward the future. All the view counts you see are genuine people, and there are some impressive view counts there for such a slow forum.

We believe forums will be making a comeback as other social medias continue to outgrow themselves and start to decay. Forums allow international readership and interaction, which is awesome for fandoms. They are easy for finding topics and archives and following threads. They are very easy to join, and even better- Myke's SyfyDesigns forum has the most beautiful text editor of any forum I've seen. You no longer have to know or wrangle with BBC code (but you still can if you want to). We are talking WordPress level text editor.

Chatrooms are their own animals. I've used a number of chatrooms through the years, and while I think they're great for real time grouping up like we do with movie gang, they can be a little costly. Myke has graciously paid for chat capability for some time, and this winter we'll be test driving and comparing chatrooms. The latest comparisons are being made between Rumbletalk and Mibbit's  IRC style. It's kind of boiling down to ease of use vs micromanaging security.

Still can't upload. I could blame our President-Elect, whatever good that would do (you guys realize he doesn't actually have any POWER yet, right? And when he does he won't be a dictator... get a grip) (I didn't vote for either one of the top 2 candidates, y'all could've totes turned that mess into an entirely different thing noticing other names on the ballot, you know that), anyhoo, guess I'll keep finding other things to do.

TODAY. Money $$$. I have a big spit test payment to make, get those rolling into auto-pay. Still worth knowing I'm not a genetically inclined carrier for key cancers, so that's my Christmas present to my kiddo and the rest will be a little tight till that's paid off. I'm thinking about letting favstar go this year. I've had my fun with it, but I'd rather spend that on Minecraft. Also thinking about letting statcounter expire. I'll still have a free account for immediate tracking, but all the archives will go away. It was fun, too, but honestly, with all the masking people do nowadays, it's just not that useful for actual data, especially when half my readers are coming in through Google translate or referring from facebook. Those are both excellent data masks.

7 days till Thanksgiving! My fave thing about this time of year is all the produce suddenly spiffs up into best of the best, so we're diving back into salads. I cooked a little peppered bacon ahead and chunked some up into my big ol' chef's salad last night, super yum.

By the way-
The Muppets Will Brave Manhattan’s Crushing Holiday Crowds to Lead the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
Also- Who Will Participate In The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
Just thought you might wanna know. Was hoping we'd see some Doctor Strange, but oh well.

Watch this vid, it's amazing.

Using Minecraft to become part of the Doctor Strange world? Yes, please!

Ug, still waiting on photobucket. May as well get all over folding some laundry and a couple other things before offices open up and I can start making phone calls. Last time photobucket had a code fix it took a few hours. I can get to all my other stuff, just can't upload anything new yet.

Work music! Pick your poison. Some material might be NSFW.

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