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Friday, November 18, 2016


Nice convo with Slidecage on twitter last night, but if you know anything about the show Sliders, you can spot the curse here.

The Dream Masters was actually a pretty scary episode. This wiki briefly explains why, and this review shows why this ep is actually a thriller classic along the lines of thriller parody for realz hallmark kind of thing, and probably one of the reasons Syfy picked it up the next season when Fox dropped it. Jerry O'Connell had much more to say on that controversy last spring.
Jerry O'Connell Reveals the Checkered History of 'Sliders' and a Potential Reboot
There's actually quite a lot written and archived about this old series because it was such a groundbreaker in scifi at the time, so if you want more info, just search it.

Btw, Jerry O'Connell saw the convo and liked one of the tweets. If you loved Sliders and want to see more, that convo starts here.

Also, I'm still immortalized from the olden days on these fansites, and I think it's wicked cool that my old nick still links to my original AOL fan scifi fan group Yablo's Timewarp.
Sliders DoC: S4 On-Set Photos - The Dimension of Continuity
More actual behind the scenes info on that photo-
Behind the Scenes - Jerry's Double – SLiDERS DiMENSiON

I've come out as the original YabloVH, which was one of my first aliases in fandoms. Me and Sliders go waaaay back. I would so love to see the original roles reprised in a reboot series.

But what was your nightmare? some of you are asking. Srsly. Long ugmo nightmare short, some idiot woman I can't stand (but can't remember at all now that I'm awake???) tried to have me thrown in jail over something ridiculously stupid (some kind of arson, but actually, I was much guiltier than she imagined, she'd have had a field day), and I only escaped by hiding out with Eugene from Preacher, and we wound up making out in a cattle water tank with me on top wondering if I could get away with drowning him.

Yes, one of those holy cow waking up thingies. I'm all wth and wtf and sipping coffee trying to distract myself with last night's convo and the minecraft post I'm working on for Bluejacky blog.

Wait, hang on. I think I'm awake enough now to handle a Lexx fanfic someone linked me to in the night. THIS IS NOT AN INVITATION TO SEND ME FANFIC. Ok, here you go. It's not too long, just click it. btw, NOT linking any more. And beware- the Amish have cats.

For those who don't know, this is Valdron's disclaimers for use with fanfic. Simply stating "Valdron's disclaimers" without even linking to it isn't a valid disclaimer.

Stanelle was the very first Lexx fan who contacted me with a serious question when I first started fan blogging Lexx.

See what I did there? I distracted ALL of us from my painfully stupid nightmare. I will srsly be facepalming all day over that one.

I need go juice.

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