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Monday, October 31, 2016


You know those pretty pix I shared in the last post? I must've caught that perfectly, went back a few hours later and TNT everywhere.

Deck the tree with TNT, falalalala, la-la, la, laaaaaaa
Maybe this means they're getting ready to flip the server!!!!!

all those red blocks are TNT
I'm not really seeing it in other places yet, but I got some more beautiful shots. This is on the minecraft 1.7 Mo Creatures multiplayer server.

That square thing is a cloud. These structures are huge.
Of course, it helps being able to see it in creative now, better viewing angles.
These are built by some of the most obsessively creative people on this earth, and you can actually do walk-throughs of their creations. It's fantastic. Imagine being able to walk through paintings of buildings and gardens and towns and villages. I love that I've had the experience.
Another really exciting thing was finally having a mutual time to team up and follow clues that led to Alien's secret lair in hell. It is stunning in every way, and such a patient person laying out clues that might or not be found before the server switch. I'm sure there's more to this "adventure" and "riches" than what we've yet found, but simply finding it was thrilling.

I'm getting so many awesome ideas just from this last weekend's recon looking at other people's structures, I seriously can't wait to get started on the new server.

Also, that will help keep me out of trouble. I've been a mood swing dragon, and I need something to help me distract and refocus through holidays. Nothing personal, but I might possibly be ignoring a few people, ESPECIALLY MY COUSIN. >=l But you know what I mean. I'll still be lurking and seeing #allthethings, but I may not be responding to tags.

I'm laughing, my cousin 'suggested' in a privater FB convo that some people are flying off the handle of late, and I was like uh-huh, passively aggressively poking... See, being public all over the webs like this means EVERYONE gets to see my mind and then go down a checklist letting me know what they think I should be doing and stuff I'm wrong about, and it doesn't matter if it's done as gently as the passive aggressive poker knows how, it's still *poking*. Yes, thanks, I'll be sure to consider your world view when I post because my world view isn't as good as yours.

And what I've been trying to explain to the people who do the poking (there have been a variety of people tugging my sleeve in private) is that if you want YOUR world view considered, put it out there where other people can see it. It's not my job to incorporate other people's thoughts into my writing. I am living my own journey, thanks. I can't be stopping every time someone has a problem with something I'm doing wrong.

So yeah, I've been a little tense. So what. At least I'm not snarking other people for being different from me, or putting down other people for not believing what I believe, or being snotty or bossy about what other people say on their own timelines and feeds. I come from a long line of people who think snarking for sport = logic + humor, and then they don't get why other people don't 'get' their Christian viewpoints. Remember the story about my dad cornering Jehovah Witnesses in our house for several hours until they managed to escape? I come from that kind of intensity. Breaking free has been grueling, because brain training to kinder and softer and especially consideration really is hard.

Anyhoo, cousin got a shout out. Satisfied? You're famous now. People are wondering who you are and what you said now. Step out and take the private sleeve tugging crap like I do. Be sure and offend a whole lotta people while you're being public, because I could not seem to get the notion back through that some of the pokey content was a bit bigoted and condescending. I don't care how kind people think they are being, when you phrase words certain ways, you come off really know-it-all and condemning.

Actually, that's basic stuff for several people over the last year and a half not understanding why my content is not their playground. Did you guys noticed I stopped tweeting pix of family? Because one person used my granddaughter for a poop joke in a quote tweet to get attention. I was insanely rabid that day. And there was absolutely no getting through that person's head how that made me feel, and from then on that person started making stabby pokes about narcissists. Yes, use my cute little granddaughter for your own gross joke and then call me the bad guy. And that was just one example of what I put up with from that person.

Yes, I've had my chill pills... It's just kill mode, it'll abate soon. Here you go, proof that I was in hell.

And it was fun. I got a cool katana.

Our Halloween has kind of fallen flat. The spider web dream catchers fell apart (thanx, crafty glitter glue), Bunny brought her own popcorn from trunk or treat, and @bonenado was a little more tired than he wanted to admit. I think we're all just really worn out this fall. Even Bunny is still on round the clock zyrtec like I am. But she did find a cool pine cone to take home, and even drug a branch full of persimmons up onto the deck. I love that she's an outdoorsy kid.

My journey and my world view, a self discovery, self recovery, and yes, egocentric path through an unforgiving jungle of psychological twists and turns. If you guys knew the memory I finally processed on my birthday week, your jaws would drop. @bonenado's certainly did. It'll be in the book.

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