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Saturday, October 8, 2016

earth to Pinky

Getting up the morning after the night after the morning after the day before like... +_=

And apparently I was my cool self and told everyone around me I loved them.

I think @bonenado would like it if I had a happy gas tank at home. By the way, does anyone else have a life partner who arranges to do legal work and/or sign papers for major purchases on the day they tell you not to make any decisions or sign any papers? Anyone? Seems to be a pattern around here...

At any rate, I think we're picking up another car today, some kind of used land rover monster with 80K miles on it or something, because @bonenado's pickup is 15+ now (he bought it used, too), and really should have been retired at least 2 years ago.

Back to my rate, I've been pronounced super healthy by a guy @bonenado actually wishes he'd had the sense to be so he could be making money like that just doing that, and I'm about done with this floating thing and ready for my brain to come back on. I can barely handle basic blog commands.

My dreams were weird and cool and weird and still with me.

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