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Monday, October 17, 2016

Pinky politix

One of those really slow wake up mornings where consciousness drifts in over a couple of hours and so far nothing has disturbed my little pond, and then I hit an abrupt stomach lurch facepalming over a video I love disappearing off youtube and the only copy I have is in a laptop that barely functions enough to boot up before it dies again. I may have to set aside a morning to devote archeotechnical file retrieval. But not today.

Not sure wassup since the anesthesia 10 days ago, but I've been about back to square two on arms. I looked around the webs for anesthesiologists talking about how their jobs work, found stuff describing how muscles don't relax the same way under sedation that they do during sleep because there's no muscle feedback to control comfort, and basically my entire ulnar nerve from my neck down to my hand has been screaming off and on and won't calm back down. No idea if I got rolled around winding up with airway, but pretty sure they told me to grip a bar once they had me back in position because I couldn't use my other hand for about 3 days. I was able to mimic that position with my hand and set off another screaming nerve, so ulnar wrist in the other hand is fairly close to useless in that position. I'm very thankful for the gabapentin holding down the worst of the nerve 'shocks' and I seem to be mostly pretty functional around the house, but I'm having to take extra steps making sure I don't drop things.

Jumping back to happy land, I was able to pick up 5 Halloween Hallmark cards for only $3.50 with my Walgreens points a couple of days ago. I love Walgreens, save my points from everything all year (including prescriptions) especially for holidays, and then get all my greeting cards for nearly free.

And speaking of money, I face planted on money sync this last month, finally caught it up this morning, am ridiculously surprised to see that I might actually have a spare $100 left. My tiny allowance is so tight and mostly autopayed back out for health care plans, it's almost inconceivable I could have gotten through all the big stuff I had lined up over the last 30 days and not be in some kind of hole, so I'm going to be very cautious and not spend a dime of this if I can help it until a couple more weeks of bank stuff has rolled through. Now that I think about it, I think what saved me was I arranged payment for something awhile back through paypal and was going to pay Scott back, and then he said don't worry about it, and maybe this is that money. I'd better be nice to him.

I'm also very surprised my calendars are still all synced. My time orientation flew to a different quadrant in the galaxy at least 2 weeks ago, and Scott has been correcting me for day and sometimes time of day nearly daily. I've had this idea in my head for some time now that Halloween is already done and I'm somewhere in turkey land already, even though the trees are still pretty green around here for some reason. I'm super bubble brain humming to myself and bouncing through projects like time has no meaning. We keep running out of food because I'm not menu planning very well, but at least the laundry is caught up.

I've been up doing stuff for 4 hours and just now thought maybe I should eat some breakfast. Gonna grab a yogurt. You guys have a good day.

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