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Friday, October 21, 2016

Torch is my Sanctum, apparently

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I'm getting to know the word ascospores, which is mostly outside plant molds. From the Fungal and Mold Glossary-

Ascospores(ass-co’-spores) – A large category of spores (produced in a sac-like structure) that are found everywhere in nature and include more than 3000 genera. Most Ascospores of health or IAQ importance are identified separately by their genus (e.g. Chaetomium) when possible on a IAQ report, and the Ascospore category is used primarily on these reports for a large group of less important spore types often found in quantity on outdoor air samples. On tape samples, Ascospore is sometimes also used as a general morphological identification (i.e. the ascus or sac structure is present) for certain samples in those cases when the spores do not appear to represent any of the IAQ significant genera.

What I'm finding is that very little is known about this class of molds which is considered to have little effect on human health. However, descending into sore throat hell for 2 full weeks and the doctor clearing me for everything except unidentifiable "upper respiratory infection", I finally looked up the pollen count last night. Surely there can't be that much whatever bothering me now, can it? I do have a documented 'leaf mold' allergy, but the leaves are just drying up on the trees, we're not even getting much of real autumn this year at my house. These snips click to sources.

Ok, so 75K+ on the mold thing is not good. In the last 6 weeks I have tested negative for strep and influenza and I know a snotty virus from 2-week hell came through that everyone got, but it's gone now and I'm the one left with the icky snotty nose and the super raw sore throat. We've had winds kicking up, fluctuating temps, hard rains in between dry spells, dead critters on the highways out of season (whatever that indicates), the wrong infestations happening (caterpillars vs ladybugs), and an autumn that is saying f* the peak thing and dropping leaves going straight from green to brown and crunchy. Ok, we do see the occasional tree here or there that's doing it right, but not anywhere near my house.

I've noticed the sore throat has gotten dramatically worse immediately after a couple of big hospital tests this month, and at first it was easy to think they were the culprits, but now I'm thinking about feeling absolutely miserable through all the extra early morning driving I've been doing this month, the mornings thick with high humidity and probably jillions of mold spores. My head probably looks all gunked up inside the same way clogged drains do, all that nasty thick goo, and the tissues trying to be supportive going down in inflammatory redness and swelling.

I WAS A FOOL TO LOWER MY ZYRTEC DOSE THIS MONTH. *slap!* *slap!* That was one side of my head last night slapping the other side of my head. It got so bad through the day yesterday that I felt almost like I was going to choke in my sleep last night, and a few brain cells tore the rest of my brain off of watching the Marvel red carpet Doctor Strange world premier live stream (that goes to the twitter hashtag so you can see all the things) and said LOOK AT THIS MOLD COUNT AND START SCARFING BENADRYL YOU IDIOT.

And that actually worked. It's starting to dry up and my throat is so grateful that I can almost swallow without chloraseptic this morning.

Among my goals today is aggressive round the clock antihistamine vigilance, because I really am tired of this. In years past I've wound up on prednisone in August-September for really bad allergy outbreaks that go anaphylactic trying to eat something, this year I made it past all that and thought I was clear and could starting ramping down for a winter break off zyrtec before I have to start all over again when cedars erupt next February, but I guess I'm not the boss of me and this planet is going to kill me if I don't pay attention.

I am an Ancient Aliens enthusiast, have seen every single show they've ever made, and I have one question- IF humans really are genetically created interspecies hybrids (pleeeease let me be an interspecies hybrid), why in the world have they not fixed our immune systems yet? This is such a miserable planet to breathe on for quite a lot of us, and it seems to me that if we had naturally evolved here, we'd be more adapted to living with all this junk, but our own bodies fight against us just breathing air full of molds and pollens that otherwise never hurt us at all. So what gives? When are they going to fix that???

Side notes.

  • I still keep getting auto-thanked for being a top interactor for a group tag I very rarely respond to.
  • I thought I fixed my Java problem with Kaspersky but apparently not, because it still can't update and now blogger is having fits showing me youtubes on my blogs, which Google search says might mean I need Java...
  • I've been regularly reading other aspie-autie bloggers and discovering my lengthy posts got nuthin on them being singularly focused on their self discoveries on spectrum with all its ups and downs, and while they're very well written and spot on, that's just a LOT of time spent on introspection, which makes my mold post today kinda funny to me.
  • I'm learning the Amazon review ropes, which I hope to expand on at SyfyDesigns, so plenty to keep me busier.
  • This is the most important tweet in the history of twitter. Well, ok, everyone's tweeting it and you can even get video and gifs in the hashtag stream.

Oh, and this. Loved it. Loooove Frankenfurter's red outfit, looooove the new choreography, the Eddie scene is fantastic, adore Columbia's new look, I could go on. They totally nailed it. I'll hafta go back and watch again, Benny C distraction kinda bombed everything. Thrilled to see Tim Curry in it. Way before I was a Lexx fan, I was a huge Curry fan and did Curry Toons.

Guess I need to pull my snotty head together. Srsly, most Pinkyween month EVER between the glue in my hair and weeks of snot and I don't even care any more how crap I look. It's been an excellent month, however, for pulling together a few sacks of stuff for Good Will, getting my holiday greeting cards all lined out and ready to go, and even got popcorn balls made already (and going to make more!). It's been epic fail for menu planning, but high five for EOB and other paperwork organization, fail for keeping my floors done but awesome for actually losing a few pounds. Anyway, need to get moving again. My strategies yesterday WORKED and I'm mobile again, yay!!! Assess back into physical therapy on Nov. 3rd.

Still fighting with Kaspersky over trusted applications, but here you go. I can at least see it on my phone. This all started suddenly yesterday, so maybe I bumped a setting or something, who knows. Well, actually, I can see it in my Torch browser, so it's definitely a Chrome problem. Whatever. I prefer youtube through Torch, anyway. I'm rambling, ta-ta.

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