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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Be f*ing prepared

I can't tell if the molasses I'm dragging through with internet this morning is because of the new W10 update yesterday or the space weather heads up about the coronal hole pointed at us that could affect satellites. Alls I know is it took half an hour just to refill some prescriptions and make a paypal payment on a yearly fee. Trying to get my mail up took the longest. Fighting with Chrome. Stuff.

Day Two of G2 (Moderate) Geomagnetic Storm Conditions | NOAA / NWS Space Weather Prediction Center

published: Friday, September 30, 2016 05:45 UTC
A G2 (Moderate) Geomagnetic Storm Alert was issued at 2048 UTC (4:48 pm ET) on 28 September as effects from a large coronal hole high speed stream continue. Conditions are expected to reach G2 on 29 and 30 September before gradually decreasing in intensity to G1 (Minor) storm levels on 01 October.

So if you guys are experiencing super slow webs (visualize running into webs on minecraft lol), that's probably it.

This is day 12 of the head cold from hell. Reporting back to anyone just starting this or still stuck in the gummy center, the far side of this is leaving me dazed and uncaring. I can breathe again, but it's weird. Everything I do is through a wall of tired. I'm super glad I'm getting through this before TWD starts back up, before my sleep study, before my birthday, before Halloween...

Had my 6 month psychiatrist follow up yesterday. Yes, still counting xanax. Regular doc slops out the script, this guy tightens it up specifically. I don't dare drop any more pills. Of all the pills I clumsily drop, this script is the most often, and I'm such a germ phobe that I'll throw a pill away. But if we're counting, I will hoard every molecule even if I've stepped on one with a 2 year old athletic shoe that's been all over creation plus I'm allergic to latex. This guy doesn't play around. I'm a benzo and opioid problem from 30 years of pain management, and I may have to grit my teeth and clean off the stupid xanax again if I want to get control of this. Took two years to get off long term low dose benzo, stayed clean for almost 2 more years, back on super low dose to help control the euphoric episodes because I'm such an utter mess on head med side effects. The gabapentin is helping a LOT, so if I can keep tolerating it, this is a great time to start titrating off the xanax again. I may never be able to stay completely off it, but I refuse to wind up being the kind of patient going from doctor to doctor begging and swindling for scripts. I know too many people who wind up really miserable because they don't learn how their meds work or how to manage them properly like real addictions.

I had a bad day yesterday tightening up more tags and then realizing as I updated old posts that my hotlinked pix were failing, and thankfully I just shut the laptop and walked away. Overnight in my dreams I realized I missed paying the premium on the old blog some of those pix are hotlinked from, so I'm going to try that first before I spend a godawful amount of time trying to transfer and rehost sporadic content. I rarely hotlink that old stuff outside of my own new blogs, so this is an internal personal problem, screams in the night kind of thing, but I'm meticulous and this is harshing my blog fleet command.

Was zipping through incoming reader list in my email just now and glanced across the line 'making my eyes pulsate'. Here. *wow* Ok, moving on...

I'm not sure how I keep making a 'top interactors' list for people who get way more interaction from other people they tag. I ignore 90% or more of my incoming. There is one particular group that I really like but rarely get involved with that spikes my impressions sky high just responding to them once or twice a week. Sometimes someone outside that group will lurk my likes and butt in or retweet something, and it feels awkward to me and I suddenly feel protective of my spot in that gang. People who cross the gang streams on twitter without regard to what is actually going on really don't need to be doing that. And while I'm on that, I may as well mention the concern for my happiness in what to one person apparently looked like a horribly frustrating day based on ONE tweet, without even bothering to check my timeline, and it was monumentally awkward looking from them without any kind of awareness because I was in the middle of a spam joke on my husband. I know I've done my own awkward tweeting, as well, but I very seriously don't know why I even talk to some people in the first place and for some reason that makes us firm fast buddies for life. I was talking to @bonenado in the car yesterday about the biggest twitter mistake I ever made, and basically it's me actually feeling concern for people who blurt sadness or some kind of misunderstanding, and stupid Pinky Robot automatically thinks 'easy to fix because I can see this process from bigger picture', and then I wind up covered in silly string and lots more misunderstandings.

So Day 12 of this Head Cold From Hell will be fraught with doubt and self loathing, if you make it this far. Just giving y'all a heads up.

Oh, by the way, VALIDATED. Private convo with someone who gets a bunch of stuff about the big fandom asplosion I went through had never even heard of anything that. bad. Maybe I *should* write a little book about it like some of the fans have been pushing me to do... But not today. I'm still writhing in existential agony and mini crises. Yeah, in the ol' chair under the big light, psychiatrist asking me how my book is coming along... You do not know pressure until a guy who counts your pills asks you how your project is going. I'm going to spend the rest of my day facepalming through laundry and trying not to bang my head on various walls. To the handful of people who actually know what's going on- I cannot tell you how much I love you guys.

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