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Sunday, October 2, 2016

the ironically funny curse of Rick Lagina

Someone in Bangkok wants to know why Rick Lagina doesn't get married. Search phrase- "why rick lagina doesnt want to get married" Seriously, I'd quadruple my traffic overnight if I'd just write a few sentences about Rick Lagina once or twice a month. All it took was two posts mentioning him a year ago and he's still my top search referral.

If Rick Lagina dies WE RIOT
I can't believe all my best keyword traffic is Rick Lagina

29% of all my keyword traffic comes from people running into those posts during searches. These searches are worldwide, many of them rabid to know more about Rick Lagina's sex life. Highest impressions (vs click-throughs) on GWT analysis are from "Rick Lagina death" or "Rick Lagina dies".

Guys, Rick Lagina totally beats out "dr evil leo" (srsly, next top impression), Khanlock, Megavolt, and "Benedict Cumberstitch". And then we see "Rick Lagina bio" ranking ABOVE Benedict Cumberbatch in searches where Pinky blog comes up, and you know how much Benny C I've got in here.

I'd obviously be a fool to never mention his name again. Mildly facepalming over whether catching up on the last season in a post full of screen shots would be worth a little extra time this month. I've actually been wanting to make more memes. It still looks like I'm the only person in the world who's ever memed the guy.

Kinda looks like Doctor Strange's mysterious brother or something, doesn't he? No wonder people are going crazy over Rick Lagina. Here is Ben on set filming Doctor Strange.

And now I'm the only (so far first) person in the world to link Rick Lagina and Benedict Cumberbatch into a combo search field. You're welcome.

Here's a clip from The Curse of Oak Island. I reeeeally hope they find something. I have every episode saved on my DVR. Season 4 renewal has been confirmed. The premier date on the History channel has not yet been announced but will likely be later this fall, like last year.

The Autisable guy asked in passing on facebook how long it takes us to write up a post. This took about an hour between coffee, fact checking, and linking. Don't forget that the season finale 2-parter for Fear the Walking Dead is on tonight! @bonenado is really into that show. I'm still in countdown mode for The Walking Dead, #teamNegan.

Oh, yeah, and super awesome Syfy live tweet last night for The Crooked Man, that rocked and now it's deflating into people mistaking it for a Trump hashtag, so I'm not going to link it.

And now I need some Stephen Strange and more coffee. Don't forget to set your line ups and have a great day.

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