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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tag Cloud is my neo Native American name

Still slowly paring down my tag cloud. Having a thousand one-off tags isn't exactly conducive to ease of use for readers. I know some of you actually use my tags, I've seen you go from post to post to post where the only connection or theme at all was a common tag. This happens all the time, so I know tags work. If you other bloggers out there haven't started using tags yet, you really need to go figure that out.

Cleaned out twitter again this week, down under 1500 following again. Bruce stopped even paying attention to supporters, and you know what, Bruce? I never bought your book. I was going to, it was actually on a "buy these books" list, but if you're done, I'm done.

In the meantime, yes I WILL keep following a guy with 4M+ followers even though he doesn't follow me back because he's hella cool.

I dunno, sometimes stuff like this happens.

Y'all know what I think of impressions, the possibility of eyes on stuff. Got an A on my hashtag report card, basically. Couple of those tweets were within the last 7 days, and I honestly never know which one will go crazy on analytics, but I can tell you who has the rockin acct that gets super seen. Or I can keep that to myself.

Ok, I'll be honest. It's possible I got airway during anesthesia because I've been dealing with a rough sinus headache ever since just on one side (tube?), and my sinus was clear going in and I was cleared for all things upper respiratory just a few days before that. Feelin a little snappy, and it's been really hard to focus enough to get any work done. No other signs of problems, so I'm not worried, just *ow*. Since I can't stay focused, I'm working on mundane chore lists. Staying busy. Tag cloud.

Hey, not mocking. My kiddo is way more Native American than I am. Check out my Batman (her kiddo). After school treat one day. He has an awesome mommy.

Ug, I need to get my head together, have to leave the house again in an hour.

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