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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

the improbable one


It just hit me that A Study in Pink started off with this pink-coordinated woman who'd lost a baby girl (is that why she obsessively used only pink?), and we're about to go into s4 Sherlock with John and Mary having a baby girl. Full circle? They met over a case wherein the answer to the riddle was the name of a lost child, and the clue was pink. They parted s3 laughing over what not to name a baby girl.

The entire Sherlock series IS *a study in pink*.

I've run into writeups about pink and purple lighting being used in some scenes, to which I generally think yeah, but that's a thing, everybody uses pink to highlight props or mood or even accentuate a set or scene because pink is actually a pretty rare color in real life. Pink abounds in film. So if the guys actually started out up front stating PINK, maybe we'd better pay attention to it.

Is it a coincidence that the murdered Jennifer Wilson was discovered at 22 Northumberland St. and John Watson formerly served with the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers?

theimprobableone knew the suitcase would be pink. Click this snip to go see all those comments.

"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." - Arthur Conan Doyle

WHO is the truth here???

I still say this all started in Sherlock's past with Carl Powers. I think this is about John, how he fits with Sherlock, and how someone else sees it.

A question that has come up with fans has long bugged me, too- "What do you think was the relationship between Moriarty and Magnussen?" I agree with this assessment- "There are a few headcanons about that Magnussen has the dirty on Moriarty and holds it against him, but I don't see it. Moriarty is a fellow that doesn't think twice about poisoning children and strapping bombs onto old ladies. If Moriarty has any dirtier laundry than kidnapping children and feeding them mercury, I'd love to hear it. If Moriarty saw Magnussen as a threat, he'd have no problem getting rid of him. Like, at all. But as it stands, I think Magnussen was a tool for Moriarty. Magnussen is a coward to the core, and he doesn't do violence, so Moriarty has the upper hand there."

See, I've been wondering if Magnussen needed getting out of the way. Who introduced Mary to John? I cannot believe that meeting was coincidence. Once Sherlock was back, everything from there was pure string pulling. Sherlock was taking out Moriarty's network while someone was setting up the play to burn Sherlock's heart out.

The goal from the very beginning has always been to burn Sherlock's heart out.

And Sherock's heart just might be pink.

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