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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Strange is the time, is the place, is the motion

If you actually follow this through to origin, you run into a funny discussion.
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I was wondering how long it would take before my body noticed. Started breaking my evening zyrtec in half 4 days ago, this morning I'm sneezing my head off. Probably be down to one a day by November, hopefully completely off by December. Get a 1 or 2 month break, depending on weather, and then cedars and junipers will be exploding. This year has been the closest I've come to year round zyrtec. I cheat with benadryl, though.

Last night I dreamed that code readers revolutionized the home theater industry. You no longer had to stream or buy discs, just get this cool code reader, kind of like they have in offices, and pick an episode or movie from a little stack of plastic sheets. It would read and process into watchable format within 5 minutes and was extremely cheap, making it so easy for every household to simply own and pass around everything that's ever been filmed. I can see this being a huge deal if anything ever were to happen to satellite radio transmission for some reason and anything streaming going dark.

Was yapping away the other day about how nice it would be if someone would come up with the idea for entertainment brokering. It's insane having all these different companies and packages and having to invest so much money in one show here and another show there. I live in a big tourist area, I see how they put together personalized packages. Or like health care, you can also do that with health and prescription supplement plans. You go into a office and say my life is like this and I need this and this, the person details a plan out to suit your needs, right? Why not do the same with entertainment? You want one show off HBO, another off Hulu or Netflix, a few things off cable or satellite, and something offered through Amazon or BBC or sports, an entertainment broker puts exactly what you want together into a personalized package, and you can adjust the package monthly, like you do a cell phone plan or something. How hard can that possibly be? All you have to do is centralize an outlet through brokers that can cross all the streams pulling stuff for you.

~wildly changing the subject~

Ok, remember the spit test? I've been cleared for genetic risk cancers, which means my kiddo never has to be tested. It doesn't mean I'll never get cancer, but considering all the cancers we've had in both my parents' families, it's nice to know that I don't have to worry about being at risk for an uber aggressive type at a younger age.

If I'd have tested positive, everyone related to me (siblings, nieces & nephews, kids, and first cousins) would probably have been able to get the test for free because most insurance will pay for testing if a family member comes up positive. Unfortunately, me being cleared doesn't rule out anyone else being carriers (I asked the doctor about that), so I can't help anyone with the cost there since I was cleared.

This was a $2500 test (plus extraneous fees and costs) that I'll likely be paying for out of pocket, but to me it was worth it after living all my adult life in such challenging pain and problems. I would have been relieved to have proactive help and planning in the event my life would suddenly spiral out of control again. This is also a big relief for my kid.

Here's more info if you'd like to check it out.
BRCA1 and BRCA2: Cancer Risk and Genetic Testing

~changing subject again~

I think my brain is finally back. I've been pure goofball for 5 days, kinda nice feeling more here and nowish. And just in time! I've got a mountain of chores to do before this next weekend. Bunny is getting old enough to hopefully be able to sit for a few minutes through building a gingerbread haunted house and a few other things. Totally into sticker charts at the moment, so I've got a bunch of stickers ready to play sticker chart. And per my usual, all the organizing I did a couple of weeks ago blew out the door lately, and my own mess is bigger than hers ever was, so I've gotta keep plowing through this bad craziness and keep sifting out all the stuff we don't need to hang onto. It's like my incoming stack of crazy is outpacing my outgoing stack of crazy, kinda like when The Flash blew all Felicity's papers last night. This is from The Flash account on twitter. You can see all the fun Flash/Felicity tweets here. I love live tweeting, fans rock.

Doctor Strange is gearing up to burst out in all its glory. I watched (thanx, twitter!) Benny C actually surprise showing up to the official IMAX sneak peek screening, fans going crazy on the twitters. The official Doctor Strange account didn't even begin to cover the joy, and this morning I'm waking up to full blown international trailers going viral. Pretty sure this movie is going to dominate the holiday season.

This next clicks to the source I got it from.

That makes me wanna play the Kevin Bacon game. You ready?

Now I'm just free associating, time to go do stuff. Let's see, something crazy and completely unrelated to this content. Something silly... Ok, maybe not that. I really like it though, cracks me up. Ok, we'll go with somewhat related. Have a great day, guys.

Btw, title adapted from the Grease lyrics.

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