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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I have a pattern of more intensity just prior to and during antibiotics. I go on deep research dives and scattered information benders that lead to some really wild places. I generally don't share how weird it gets, but in between the sudden random short weepy bursts (probably because I hold back so much on just really not feeling well and then I can't control it once antibiotic hits), I go on web blitzes that make X-Files level conspiracy theories seem as acolytic as plain American cheese might to a master chef specializing in cave aged Gruyere. I fondly blame the herxing. If you're new to me and don't know what that is, here you go.

The problem with the intensity is that I'm too much of a mess to get any real work done on any level (yes, duh, I'm sick), but if I don't stay busy I crash through room after room of high speed awesome ideas ripping through my brain and ridiculously sad pathetic unawesome thoughts about how I'll never finish my cool underwater city on StarrStrukk (minecraft), and it's like being on a stupid kiddie roller coaster cycling around the same little circle of ups and downs and I can't seem to interrupt it with youtube or TV or reading a book or cleaning or cooking or eating anything or even a nap, so I just spelunk wildly through the darker part of the webinet looking for trubba.

A few of today's excursions included

I have thankfully managed to steer clear of most of pinterest, a nightmarish black hole binge that can go on for hours.

Blogging through some of the herx helps me reorient. In about an hour I'll start supper.

Anyway, so I've had this funny idea for a long time that the reason Lexx never really went big, despite worldwide interest and still-current fan activity, is because they didn't play right with the powers that be. Lexx represents everything that goes against the mainstream entertainment grain, and the more you look into Illuminati anything in entertainment history, the more you understand that the Lexx story is about breaking free and escaping that. It feels like one of those free-thinking shows that got quietly knocked off the rails because it sends the wrong message.

I just said something very powerful. Now I'm going to go do something else and pretend I didn't just say it, because I'm in a weird herx mind state and can't be held responsible for saying something that would make a few people distance themselves even further from me. Here, have a fun video to watch while I go fold some more laundry.

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