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Monday, October 10, 2016

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Mel and I exactly tied at one point last night.

She's got a tight end left, I've got a wide receiver and a defense. I'll try to be gentle tonight.

Ok. Twitter and Facebook, looking at you guys. People actually telling, no- commanding people they've known a long time to unfollow if they didn't agree on candidate. I can't tell you how many times across accounts I saw this happening, so I'm not picking on anyone, but I feel a disturbance in the force. Lemme help you.

  • You have a block button.
  • You have your own unfollow button.
  • You have a mute button.
  • In some cases (thank you, Facebook), you even have a "I'd rather not see posts like these" in your settings.

Venomously telling people to unfollow you regardless of history or length of relationship is idiotic, stupid, shallow, mean, and completely undermines whatever faith in humanity motif you feel you represent. You know, in case you wake up sometime before holidays and wonder why old friends or family are no longer talking to you.

By the way, Snarkalecs win the internet. Brava on actually making the debate funny.

Moving on.

@bonenado's new ride. 80K, 10 years old, nearly perfect interior. Well deserved. It's about time he gave himself a break.

And these guys.

Most years it's ladybugs smothering our house, this year it's pine processionary caterpillars (beware that link, I had to cancel an auto download, but it's an excellent study), and the really stupid thing about them is that the hairs can pierce you like porcupine barbs and can cause rashes and eye irritation, and even allergic reactions, which we all know would be really bad for moi. Hundreds of them are all over the ground, my front deck, and around my door, and just picking up a box UPS dropped off meant having to roll it around knocking caterpillars off all sides without touching them. They are creating the most prolific 'bagworm' year we've ever seen (bagworms are something else entirely), and it's actually visually pretty because it's so saturating that it's creating a pleasing balance across the landscape.
8 of the cutest toxic caterpillars

In other news, we're all asking, "Where is autumn?" Looking at watches. "It should have been here by now." This year is just weird. We've had fast autumns where the leaves all go brown and drop in one week flat, gorgeous autumns that suddenly vanish after one stormy night, long staggered autumns where the trees are confused and slowly realize 'oh', but this one is the first time I've ever seen #allthetrees forget to turn. Next week is traditional peak, and people are going, um, wanna plan an outing around autumn peak, not sure how to do this...

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