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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Ok, just everybody stop for a second.

You mean to tell me that yesterday's little bitty giggle not only shot to the *top* of my most viewed this month, but got me followed by an L.A. realtor on twitter?

I defy anyone to tell me Pinky blog is an egocentric waste of time. And the Rick Lagina hits are rolling in from the post before that, so there you go. Y'all know I don't sell ad space, but some of you totes know I could.

So I figured out the html mess that started happening as I was tightening up my tag cloud is a security certificate problem. Now that blogger has gone https, it halts anything hotlinked that isn't https, so me clicking 'fix' every time an html error notification pops up is only screwing it up. I need to click 'dismiss'. The past posts I didn't realize I was screwing up probably look like they're sitting on an abandoned blog or something because some of the graphics are now empty boxes. Thanks, blogger.

At least I don't have to move and rehost content, glad I never jumped on that. All I have to do is just retrace my steps taking little s's out of jpg links.

click for yum
I can hardly believe I'm saying this, but I think I've lost my fondness for brownies, and possibly even cookies. I stopped buying Rice Chex (my last consistently allergy cleared cereal) about 3 months ago, and I think the last time I'd made brownies was around or before Labor Day weekend. I'm so used to not heading to the carbs any more that it doesn't make sense to keep them on hand. Well, I made brownies yesterday and they're kind of just sitting there... So- yay, me, for what it's worth. I'm even starting to get tired of tortilla chips when I eat nachos. I just don't feel that great eating them, even when I hold the carb count way down.

Yes, you remember, right, I was the one who was always making those cool holiday themed chocolate meringue pies... Been forever since I made one of those, too. Don't miss them at all. *checking to see if I'm skinny yet*

In 2 months it'll be 6 years since I first learned I'm diabetic. Or like the austism spectrum people are doing, #actuallydiabetic. (Oh, wow, that's really a thing, nice.) ( #actuallyautistic must have copied that.) (Here- actually- urban dictionary.) (Forbidding self to spontaneously go on deep web expedition to find out who first hashtagged actually into a phrase.) Not just prediabetic, we skipped that whole thing. I should have been dx'd prediabetic 15 or 20 years ago. Big fail on past doctors throwing anxiety pills and pain meds at me, thanx. Anyway, I'm *actually* snubbing brownies now and working like a banshee, keeping up with Bunny stuff and mostly not skidding too far into the brain fog these days.

Yesterday was a play day, mostly just ignored all the chores and hung out, so today is a big catching up day. ALL the dishes, ALL the laundry, and things already laid out for getting menus done up ahead. Thrilled seeing Oswald springing Edward out of the looney bin last night. Yes, Nygmobblepot is the fan smash (lots more without the smash, too). I love fans. I love these guys. I love that this speaks to so many viewers who have real problems in real life. I don't talk a lot about Gotham, but my people know who they are.

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