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Monday, October 3, 2016

the coefficient of friction

I know you guys don't believe me, but I really do blow stats off quite a lot. I like seeing trends or the silly stuff that comes through keyword searches, but I rarely get anything 'real', like a google earth shot of your dog in your backyard kind of thing, right? So when I buzz through and do the eyeball snag that results in the screechy stoppy turning back whaaaaa thing (speed reader = extreme sports) and then do the staring till my brain flashes a little sign "please close mouth now" where I actually nearly faint because I'm so surprised I've forgotten to breathe thing (srsly, I do this) because I realize I've practically got a street address and then I do the realty thing and and the quick looky uppy thing and go wo.... and then start giggling just a little bit.

Anyway, that pretty much made my week, and I hope you guys get something fun this week, too. Countdown to my birthday is on (3 weeks *mark*), countdown to TWD is on (20 days *mark*), countdown to Halloween is on (4 weeks *mark*), and I'm crossing every digit on my body I don't get any more stupid germs before I get my flu shot in 16 days. Btw, totally called all the FTWD stuff even though I don't actually look at the TV when it's on because I'm doing other things. Can't believe I got sucked into that show.

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