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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

let those dastardly cosmic rays in, guys

:edit: 9-4-17 me and photobucket wrestling after a big update and blogger said NO. I guess I lost.

All right, all right, the last one amounted to click bait, I get it. Here you go, my actual thoughts-

 photo reallyhot.gif cosmic rays are getting us because solar flares are in their decline cycle

 photo littlelexxlogo.png I renewed LittleLexx.net registration and domain for another year, details here

 photo dryer.gif I am stripping my house this week for deep cleaning

 photo calvin_sneeze_zps68ad8009.gif allergies

General stumbling through sorting and organizing.

Kinda like this. Yes, I made this one back in my Bluejacky days. :edit: That pattern is my master bathroom floor linoleum, originally black and gray, colorized to blue.

Ok, this was better click bait, I hope. At least you know I did more than wake up this morning. Here you go, get your move on.

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